Posted Nov 3, 2015

The Best Apps for Mapping Your Monthly Budget

Keeping track of your expenses is a crucial part of being an apartment dweller. There are a lot of things to bear in mind once you move into your new place, including utilities, rent, groceries, car expenses, pet expenses, and “fun” money for going out, vacations, and shopping.

The Best Apps for Mapping Your Monthly Budget

If you’re like me, you tend to rely on your smartphone for a lot of things. Calendars, birthdays, social media, news, health information and just about anything else you can think of is typically tracked from a smartphone these days. And yes, you can definitely add budgeting to the list.

Additionally, many renters are freelancers, small business owners or work from home, and might need some extra help in keeping their payments, invoices and expenses in order.

Of course, most renters already have an app on their smartphone tied to their actual banking account. However, this is only scratching the surface when it comes to mapping out your monthly budget. There are a lot of excellent apps out there that can allow you to keep better track of things.

Life is busy and sometimes we all need a little assistance tracking our monthly expenses, especially if we swipe those credit and debit cards often. Here are the best apps to do so:


No only does Mint track your monthly expenses through alerts and let you know when to pay your bills, but it also has the ability to sync up several accounts. This includes your standard checking and savings accounts, credit cards, investments and your 401K and IRA. All of these accounts are organized separately on the app, making it easy to switch from account to account.

The Best Apps for Mapping Your Monthly Budget - Mint

Even more impressive, Mint works in real time, so you’ll be able to track purchases instantly and know exactly what amount of money you’re working with. Mint is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows software, and best of all, it’s free!


BillGuard is another excellent budgeting app with a great UX, as it allows you to swipe actions after each transaction on your bank account. The inbox on the app also shows a complete list of all your transactions, making your expenses even easier to track.

The Best Apps for Mapping Your Monthly Budget - BillGuard

BillGuard also has built-in software that protects your account from fraud and unauthorized purchases. Users can swipe left if they encounter a transaction that they didn’t make. Like Mint, BillGuard is free of charge, but it is only available on Android and iOS platforms.


HomeBudget is one of the best apps out there for freelancers or contract workers, as it has a built-in Income section that lets you manually enter your payments. If you are working for yourself, this can make life a lot easier when it comes time to pay your rent and bills each month.

The Best Apps for Mapping Your Monthly Budget - HomeBudget

There is also a really handy search feature that lets you pull up past payments in case you need to re-track your expenses. The layout is also easy-to-use, as every action is color coded under your bills, income, budget, accounts and expenses. Although the “lite” version of HomeBudget is free for iOS users, the full product is $4.99, and Android users can obtain the app for $5.99.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be a complicated process– especially when you have some of the best apps on the web to help you keep track of expenses. Download one of these apps today to keep your expenses and payments in check with one easy step.

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