Posted Oct 29, 2015

Easy Mason Jar DIY Ideas

Mason jars are super popular right now. This could be because they bring a sense of rustic nostalgia for a time when jam-making was common knowledge. Or, perhaps they represent the eco-friendly spirit of today.

Easy Mason Jar DIY Ideas

Maybe it’s just because they’re fairly inexpensive and easy to customize: Whatever the reason, here are some mason jar DIY projects you can use to bring this trend into your apartment:


Easy Mason Jar DIY Ideas - Lighting


Mason jars make excellent candle holders. For a one-step DIY project, simply place a candle inside of a mason jar. You can also personalize each candle by filling the bottom of the jar with sand, decorative rocks, or water– pop in a floating candle and you’re set. Ambitious DIY-ers should consider making their own candle right in the jar.


Fill a mason jar with battery-powered LED string lights to get that fireflies-in-a-jar look. For an even more ethereal version of this craft, cut the end off of a glow stick and pour the liquid into the jar. Shake the jar vigorously, and set it in a dark place. This is a temporary decoration, but it makes a great display for parties or picnics.


Make your very own oil lamp by filling your jar about two-thirds of the way with lamp oil. Use a drill or hammer and nail to make a hole in the lid, and string a wick through so about 1/4 inch comes out of the top of the hole. The string should be long enough that the rest falls to the bottom of the jar. The oil needs about an hour to soak the wick, so give it time before lighting.


Easy Mason Jar DIY Ideas - Organization


If you’re looking for mason jar DIY projects, you’re probably pretty crafty in general. Mason jars make the perfect container for anything stringlike. Wind up yarn, twine or ribbons, and place them inside a jar. Then, cut or drill an appropriately sized hole in the lid of the jar and string one end through the opening. You can also use small jars to organize beads, clasps, and other jewelry items.


If you use two-part lids, make an easy-to-close spout using one ring and two disks. Cut a hole in both of the disks, and screw on the lid just tight enough to be secure. You should be able to turn the upper lid until the hole lines up with the lower lid, and then turn it again once you’re finished.


Cooking enthusiasts of all skill levels can use mason jars to store and display spices or grains.


Use a mason jar in your office to hold pens and pencils. For a gravity-defying storage display, glue magnets to the lids of your jars, and stick them to a metal surface to show off your most photogenic knickknacks.


Easy Mason Jar DIY Ideas - Gardening!


To make an easy hanging planter, place a pipe clamp around the outside of the mason jar. Tighten until it’s secure, and then attach an outdoor weather-resistant chain or wire to either side of the clamp. Fill with your favorite plant, and hang either indoors or outdoors.


Plant herbs in mason jars to have your very own indoor herb garden. Place the jars around your apartment based on how much light the plants will need to thrive.


To make a mason jar terrarium, layer a clean mason jar first with small pebbles, then a thin layer of charcoal (to reduce odors). Cover the charcoal with about 3 to 4 inches of potting soil, then toss in some moss and decorative figurines. If you have a wide mason jar, consider adding a small succulent. Water twice a week.


Easy Mason Jar DIY Ideas - Decoration


Coat a mason jar with either spray paint or acrylics to make a colorful glass vase. If you want a clear finish, paint the inside of the jar; for a matte finish, paint the outside. If you do paint the inside of the vase, take care when adding flowers: The stems may scratch the paint or chip some away.


If you love the look of vintage photographs, print your favorite pictures in black and white, and use a mason jar filled with vegetable oil for a neat display. The oil will suspend the photo and give it that lovingly-aged look.


For a personalized snow globe, use waterproof glue to stick a figurine to the inside of a mason jar lid. Pour glitter into the jar, then fill it with water, accounting for displacement once you add your figurine. Adding a few drops of pure glycerin to the water will let your glitter fall slowly and create that perfect snow-globe look.


Make your own air freshener by filling a jar with baking soda and a dash of your favorite essential oil. Cover the jar with a regular lid and give it a good shake, then replace the lid with one prepunched with holes. The room will smell great in no time.

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Easy Mason Jar DIY Ideas for Your Apartment


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