Posted Oct 27, 2015

Simple Ways to Eco-Declutter Before Your Move

Moving is a pretty big deal. Attempting to move, while getting rid of things is an even bigger deal. And attempting to move, while getting rid of things without piling into the landfill is just plain awesome.

Ways to Eco-Declutter Before Your Move

Here are a few tips to help you eco-declutter before your move.

1.   Reduce

When you’re in the middle of moving (especially if you’re moving to a smaller apartment) it’s best to consider each item that you pack, and determine whether or not it has multifunctions, and can be reused over and over again.

Ways to Eco-Declutter Before Your Move - Reduce

Here are a few things that can commonly be reduced in the household:

  • Glassware/ plateware
  • Books
  • Plastics
  • Clothes you rarely wear

The best thing about reducing on household items is that this is one of the best eco-decluttering options, because you can reduce your overall consumption in the next place of living, but also, by reducing household items you can give them to any Goodwill, or thrift shop, which allows someone else to reuse your goods! It’s really a two for one!

2.   Repurpose and Restore

Before you get rid of things, consider what items can be repurposed, versus retired. Many things have alternative purposes, or can be crafted into an entirely new item! Tires are an extremely prevalent and non-biodegradable item in our landfill, when in fact you can repurpose them and use them as a common household item.

Ways to Eco-Declutter Before Your Move - Repurpose and Restore

Some examples of things you can repurpose or restore:

  • Furniture (chairs, entertainment centers, couches etc)
  • Clothing
  • Tires
  • Doors
  • Fittings (door knobs, light covers, mirror frames, light covers)

Here’s an example of a really awesome repurpose!

You don’t need to be the world’s craftiest human to renovate small household items to make them more appealing, or modern. Ultimately though, it’s the continuation of consumption that leads to a cluttered home, and an increased landfill. So before you declutter by throwing away a large item, consider what alternative purposes the item may have.

3.   Reuse

Recycling is one of those things that seems like a really good idea, but most the time people forget, or don’t separate it properly, or don’t realize that many items can only be recycled so many times before it ends up just being waste. This is why I firmly suggest reusing first and foremost.

Ways to Eco-Declutter Before Your Move - Reuse

Consider buying non-plastic containers that can be reused again and again versus buying things with the intent of recycling.

Some examples of these types of reusable items are:

  • Reusable water bottles
  • Bulk containers when shopping
  • Reusable bags
  • Buying goods that are longer lasting; such as leather sandals (that can be repaired instead of thrown away) instead of cheap plastic ones.

In order to best minimize waste, and our carbon footprint it might be prudent to focus on downsizing, reusing items, and minimizing how often we buy things and then throw them away.

In fact, many companies have started to reduce packaging all together, which can play a big role in overall waste reduction. Buying from these types of companies, is a great way to start.

During a big move you’ll have the best possible timing to help in these efforts, and declutter in an eco friendly way!

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Simple Ways to Eco-Declutter Before Your Move

Lauren Penrod can be visited @lauren_penrod. She is from Boise Idaho and enjoys hiking, running, and cycling classes. In her spare time she loves spending time in the outdoors with her poodle mix puppies.

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  1. Nice post, the tips are very helpful. I’m about to move in the middle of the next month and this time decided not to just throw everything unneeded away, but to sell, donate,etc. Your article gave me few very nice ideas for decluttering . Re-purposing furniture is a genius idea, indeed. Thank you for sharing!

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