Posted Oct 22, 2015

Top Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco

San Francisco is a hub of tech companies and startups. It’s no wonder, then, that there are so many cool apps for San Francisco residents.

6 Top Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco

If you are new to San Francisco or a long time resident, these top apps will help you make the most of the City by the Bay:

1. Routesey

This app is an absolute must-have for San Franciscans who take public transportation. Instead of using transit apps that only track individual services, Routsey will give you access to all of San Francisco’s transit information.

6 Top Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco - Routsey

You can look up what bus you want to take, and it will tell you the nearest stop and approximate arrival times. You can even bookmark the routes you take regularly, so you can quickly find them next time.

2. Sprig

(Lovely folks use this one everyday.) Sprig is taking food delivery to a whole new¬†level. It’s essentially an app-based delivery service that offers locally sourced, healthy meals. You just hop on, pick from one of the 3-5 menu items available that day, and 15 minutes later, it arrives at your door.

6 Top Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco - Sprig

The whole thing is based around creating a way for people to eat quickly and healthily, with full meals starting at $9. The only disadvantage is that “healthy eating takes so much work,” won’t be a good excuse to order pizza anymore.

3. Instacart

If grocery shopping is just too much of a hassle (which, let’s face it, it is) then check out Instacart. This app lets you build your grocery list on your phone, then have your order boxed up and delivered to your door the same day.

6 Top Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco - Instacart

Since you set a specific delivery time, you don’t have to hang around at home waiting for your groceries to arrive. You can even use it to build shopping lists that require trips to multiple stores: Instacart will do the shopping on your behalf so you can do something more interesting, like head out to a Dolores park.

4. Off the Grid

Tired of not knowing whether your favorite food truck is going to be outside today? Check out the Off the Grid app. It specifically tracks food trucks in San Francisco, so you can check where they are at any time.

6 Top Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco - Off the Grid.jpg

It also includes information about the trucks’ schedules, letting you decide ahead of time whether you want to pack your lunch. You can also use the app to see updates from vendors, and lists of fun things to do in the area.

5. Transit and Trails

This is one of the top apps designed to facilitate outdoor adventures for people who live in the city. The creators have mapped out locations for great hikes, runs or bike rides. When you click on the app, you can search for locations nearby, or check out an entirely new place.

6 Top Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco - Transit and Trails

Once you’ve picked your location, the app will tell you how to get there via public transportation, or give directions for travelers journeying by car, bike, or foot. You can even use the app to send an invite to your friends, encouraging them to join you.


Laundry is on everyone’s list of “Least favorite things I have to do to be a functioning human being.” The good news if you live in San Francisco is that you can skip doing laundry and still leave the house looking– and smelling– good.

6 Top Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco - is a 24-hour laundry cleaning service that picks up, cleans, folds, and presses your laundry on your behalf. As if this wasn’t already the greatest service you’ve ever heard of, it also brings you a cookie when it picks up your clothes. Nothing has ever been more wonderful than this.

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Six Apps You Need if You Live in San Francisco


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