Posted Oct 20, 2015

Apartment Hunting? Don’t Get Hung Up on Style!

Finding the perfect apartment takes a little effort. You’ve got so many things to consider: space, location, price, amenities, and more. If you could scratch even one criterion off the list, you could open up far more abundant apartment options and find the right fit for your budget, your commute, your roommates, and your space and storage needs.

We’ve got some good news!

Apartment Hunting? Don't Get Hung Up on Style! 1

You might not immediately love the look of every apartment you consider, but that’s no reason to pass it by. Styling your space is simple, and almost any apartment can be given a look you’ll love to live with. Here’s how.

Customize Your Colors

Some landlords are okay with you painting your walls and even your ceilings as long as you have a professional job done and choose a lighter color (dark tones are difficult to paint over).

Apartment Hunting? Don't Get Hung Up on Style! - Customize Your Colors

Talk about the possibility when you’re filling out your application, and get permission in writing—even an official email can suffice. New paint is an affordable way to make your apartment into a home sweet home.

Make More of Your Floors

Landlords are less amenable when it comes to changing flooring, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Area rugs, throw rugs, and runners can dramatically change the look of a room and its underfoot appeal.

Apartment Hunting? Don't Get Hung Up on Style! - Make More of Your Floors

They’re also a great way to prevent drops and spills from staining the floor beneath, leaving you with less to worry about when it comes to potential fix-it fees.

Dress Up Your Windows

Fling some fashionable fabric onto a curtain rod and let your drapery make a dramatic statement to all who enter your domicile. Even if there are already blinds installed, you can leave them up and out of sight and let your personally-selected window coverings customize your space.

Apartment Hunting? Don't Get Hung Up on Style! - Dress Up Your Windows

An additional barrier against light and heat can also help with your energy bill year-round—form and function, all in one!

What’s On the Wall Says It All

Decals, artwork, floating shelves for knick-knack display—even after they’ve been painted the color of your choice, your walls are a blank canvas just waiting for you to pick up the brush.

Apartment Hunting? Don't Get Hung Up on Style! - Dress Up Your Windows

This is truly a place to let your creativity shine, and there’s inspiration to be found all over the internet (it’s practically the reason Pinterest was invented).

Get Help Pulling it all Together

There’s no better time to decorate than when you move into your new home, and now interior design help is more affordable than ever with online interior design sites.

So don’t let a drab interior inform your apartment-hunting decisions. With a little ingenuity and a touch of artistry, even the most modest budget can personalize a space to suit your taste and transform it into a cozy new home.

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Gretchen Hansen is the founder and CEO of Decorist. Gretchen’s passion is to make great design accessible to everyone and to help make it easy for people to create an amazing space, that reflects their personal style, all within their budget. Read more about how Decorist started here.

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