Posted Oct 1, 2015

5 Best Apps for Roommate Harmony

Living with other people isn’t always easy. Whether it has to do with money or household tasks, there are usually a few little issues that, left untreated, can lead to apartment-wide blowouts.

5 Best Apps for Roommate Harmony

However, here are some of the best apps for keeping your roommate relationship healthy and happy:

1. Chorma

I’m going to confess something: I am a terrible roommate. In all of my shared living situations, I’ve been the one who left her clothes in the bathroom or forgot to clean the dishes. I can’t speak for all terrible roommates, but in my case, it was a matter of forgetfulness. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about keeping the apartment clean: I just needed a stronger reminder than the chores themselves.

Enter, Chorma.

5 Best Apps for Roommate Harmony - Chorma

This app lets you assign chores to all members of the household. Assignments can stay the same or rotate depending on what works best. Each chore has a weighted score that you collect as a household, and when you reach your goal everyone chips in for pizza or has a night out. The best part: Push notifications remind your terrible roommate to do her dishes.

“Oh shoot, I forgot” – Terrible roommates everywhere

2. Habitica

This app is basically a video game version of your entire life. It’s based around self-improvement: You build habits by logging when you do something positive, and you get points based on how consistently you complete tasks.

5 Best Apps for Roommate Harmony - Habitica

However, you can use the game’s social functions to make it an apartment-wide effort. You can tackle monsters as a team, and log when you do little things like put away groceries or change the toilet paper.

3. Square Cash

Sharing expenses sometimes requires one person to pay on behalf of everyone. When this happens, you can use Square Cash to easily send money to whoever needs it.5 Best Apps for Roommate Harmony - Square Cash

The app doesn’t even require the other person to have an account: You only need someone’s email address to send them money straight from your bank account.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to access notes on any device. This means that whatever you write on your phone will show up on your computer, tablet, etc.

5 Best Apps for Roommate Harmony - Evernote

Since you can share notes, this is the perfect app for building shared grocery lists or sending quick messages about things happening around the apartment.

5. HomeSlice

Consider HomeSlice your all-in-one roommate organizational app. It has a section for chores and bills, as well as a way to note supplies that are running low for whoever’s at the store next. It also has a community board, where members of the household can leave one another notes.

5 Best Apps for Roommate Harmony - HomeSlice

A quick bit of advice: Passive-aggression is bad for your roommate relationship, even if it isn’t on a post-it note, so talk to your roommates about issues in person.

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