Posted Sep 10, 2015

Moving Tips: Advice for Moving with a Pet

Moving naturally causes stress. There is a lot to get done, but never enough time. Plus, you can’t help but worry that something will go wrong.

Moving Tips Advice for Moving with a Pet

When you move with a pet, you can expect that your stress level will go up a few notches. Now, you have to worry about keeping your pet safe and helping them with the transition. These tips will help you stay safe and organized when moving with pets.

Keep Microchip Information Handy

A pet that slips out the door when it is opened by the movers may have a hard time finding its way home in a new neighborhood. Keep your pet’s microchip information handy with your important documents in case you need it.

Double Tags

A few days before the move, go to the pet store and get a new tag with your updated address.

Moving Tips Advice for Moving with a Pet - Double Tags

Keep the current and new tags on your pet’s collar until the move is complete to make sure that a finder can easily locate you in either location.

Provide a Safe Place

Even the friendliest pet can be spooked by all the activity of moving day. Not only are people in and out of their home; they are watching everything they are comfortable with get moved around. Put them in a room with a closed door with toys, water, and a familiar bed or blanket until the chaos is done.

Select New Vet Prior to Move

If you are moving to a different home in the same area then you are likely keeping your current vet. If you are moving far enough way to where you will need a new vet pick one out ahead of time. You should also know where the closest 24-hour vet hospital is in case there is an emergency on moving day or shortly after.

Moving Tips Advice for Moving with a Pet - Select a New Vet Prior to Move

Also, don’t forget to obtain vet records. Again, this only applies if you are changing vets. Your current vet may even be willing to fax everything to the new one. If you are crossing state line, you will at least want proof of their vaccination on you.

Fill Prescriptions

If your pet takes any type of prescription medication be sure you have enough to get through at least a week after the move. If they take vitamins or supplements it is a good idea to make sure you stock up on these prior to the move, so you don’t have to worry about finding them in your new area right away.

Essentials Box

Pack your pet an essentials box to get them through the first few days.

Moving Tips Advice for Moving with a Pet - Essentials Box

This box should contain food and water bowls, toys, blankets, leash, medication, supplements, and first aid kit.

Check Fencing

If you have a fenced in yard check the entire thing for gaps or loose areas where your dog could escape. Also make sure there are no broken pieces or sharp edges that could cause injury.

Know the Law

Before you even buy a home or sign a lease make sure you know the local laws regarding the number of animals you can have in your apartment.

Moving Tips Advice for Moving with a Pet - Know the Law

Also, if you have a breed typically targeted by Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) it is vital you confirm that there is not a restriction or ban on your breed. If you are moving cross country it is also important that you plan your route so that you avoid areas with a ban on your breed and make sure your hotel welcomes pets, too.

Photo in Phone

If your pet does slip away, you want to have a very clear photo handy to show people in the neighborhood or to have flyers made.

One-on-One Time

You are in hurry, but surely have a few minutes for some one-on-one time.

Moving Tips Advice for Moving with a Pet - One on One Time

Put a chair in front of a sunny window for your cat or take your dogs for a good walk to help them feel more comfortable with the new area.

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Top Tips for Moving with a Pet

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3 responses to “Moving Tips: Advice for Moving with a Pet”

  1. Fantastic tips! I moved with my dog last year. It was easier than I think. My dog always follow me outside of the new house. I was afraid not losing it. Microchip Information was in my purse. Thank you for sharing your article!

  2. I absolutely love my dogs and will do anything for them. Your article is really amazing and is just what I needed. I’m about to move to a new place and I actually feel prepared after reading the post. Definitely sharing it with all my friends and making sure I bookmark it as well in case I need to come back later.

  3. Nettie Gibbs says:

    Excellent post! There are so many important steps to take when moving with your pet. The comfort and safety of my dog are priority for me and I definitely want to avoid all complications and stress that the move can cause! Great tips! Thanks!

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