Posted Aug 27, 2015

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place

If you are moving into a smaller apartment, out of your parents home, or simply feel like you need to make more space and purge excess stuff before you move, you can use all the moving tips you can get. It is never as easy as you think it’s going to be.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place

You have great intentions. You genuinely want to move into a smaller space, but then, you start going through your belongings, and you suddenly feel attached to everything you touch. These tips for moving into a smaller apartment will help you sort things out before the moving company arrives.

Inventory Things You Love

Rather than immediately focusing on things you are willing to part with, create an inventory of items of sentimental value or things you would replace first if given the opportunity.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place - Inventory Things You Love

This will give you perspective on items you are on the fence about getting rid of. You will realize that some things are not nearly as important as others.

Take Pictures for a Scrapbook

It is easy to confuse items that have sentimental value and those you are simply emotionally attached to. If something is an heirloom or tied to a deceased relative or friend or attached to a meaningful time in your life then it has sentimental value.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place - Take Pictures for a Scrapbook

Holding onto a coat that’s way too small because a celebrity touched your arm wearing it one day is what you want to avoid. If it does not have a strong connection with you then you can likely live without it. Take a photo of the things you are getting rid of, and you can always make a scrapbook to remember them.


Whether you have a small business you run out of your home or you typically bring your work home with you, any caree– or business-related items should stay.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place - Business Related

So, you are holding onto computers, software, filing systems, etc.

Create a Filing System

Have three large boxes handy at all times. Each box will be for items to donate, sell, or trash.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place - Create a Filing System

Make sure you use large boxes, so you don’t feel the urge to hold onto something you don’t need just because the box is full.

Start with Easy Stuff

Sometimes, just getting started is the hardest part. Once you really get into it, you will find it easier to detach from most things.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place - Start with Easy Stuff

Don’t start with your bedroom closet or holiday decorations. Start in the junk room, basement, garage, etc.

Make Rules

Okay, rules don’t have to be set in stone. Think of them more as a list of guidelines. For example, everything in your closet that has not been worn in the past year needs to go.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place - Make Rules

The exception to this would be your tuxedo or formal dresses that you have for a special occasion. This does not apply to jeans you have been trying to get back into for the past decade.

Ask for Help

If you really are on the fence about keeping something, get an objective opinion from someone who is not going to base their answer on what they think you want to hear.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place - Ask for Help

Take Your Time

Moving into a smaller apartment does not have to happen in one day, or even one weekend. If you try to cram it all into a short period of time, you will end up keeping more than you should because you are too tired to go through everything thoroughly.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place - Take Your Time

You may even want to designate one room to a specific day so you know exactly what you are working on and you will be more likely to commit.

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Tips for Moving into a Smaller Place

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  1. Lovely post and very helpful too. I’m moving form a bigger house to a much smaller apartment and already decluttered some old stuff. Although I’m a professional mover, packing my own items or moving myself to a new place has always been an issue for me.Your tips are great and seem to work great for me and I’m definitely taking some advantage of your post. Thank you sharing!

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