Posted Aug 20, 2015

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Decor

Accept it– your vintage finds are never going to match each other! But if you love heading to garage sales and flea markets to pick up vintage pieces, you don’t have to give up doing what you love. Nor do you need to hide all your purchases in the attic or basement just because you don’t know how to display them around your house!

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor

With a little help and DIY skills, you’ll be a pro at using your vintage decor around the house in harmony with your existing décor. Read on for some easy tips to get started.

Think Before You Purchase

Unless you have a whole room dedicated to your collectibles, you should think before you purchase. Displaying items the right way begins at the moment you purchase an item and not after it. The minute you lay your eyes on a great find, start thinking of ways you can use it with your existing décor.

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor - Think Before You Purchase

If you think a particular item won’t work with your décor, ask yourself if restoring it or painting it in a different color will help. Refrain from purchasing items that you’re sure will remain hidden from the public eye.

Group Items

If you’ve got several different knick-knacks that just don’t seem to fit anywhere or match with anything, group them and display them on or above the mantel shelf. The collectibles you group together don’t have to be the same type; variation will help add interest.

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor - Group Items

If you have a bookcase, use small but heavy collectibles as bookends. Other items can be displayed on the shelves as you see fit.

But Don’t Overdo It

Displaying too many items that stand out like sore thumbs will make your house look like a museum and you certainly don’t want that. You want your guests to appreciate your finds instead of looking around and wondering what they’ve walked into.

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor - But Don't Overdo It

So be wise with what and how much you display around the house. A simple rule to follow is organize items in a room and then remove few (if not half) to ensure you haven’t gone overboard.

Do keep in mind that restricting your collectibles to a single room will also give guests the feeling of visiting a museum. The décor theme you choose should be visible in all rooms to express continuity.

Create a Focal Point

Having too much stuff around can keep the eyes busy. To avoid this, create a focal point and work on adding elements around this. A good idea is to use something that is very different from the rest of your furniture to be the focal point.

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor - Create a Focal Point

What’s more, your focal point can be a great conversation starter! So don’t shy away from bringing out that huge chandelier or Turkish rug you picked up as a souvenir.

Color It Up

Garage sale finds that don’t seem to gel with each other or with the rest of your décor can be spray painted in a color of your choice. This will make them match better and your space won’t look disorganized when you display these items.

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor - Color It Up

Consider playing with a couple of bright colors like yellow, blue, and red, or pastel shades. Remember to clean the items well before painting them. Use a primer followed by 2-3 coats of color to achieve a rich, uniform look.

Go Easy on the Restoration

You might have to color or polish some items because they don’t look as good the way they are right now. While painting or polishing vintage finds in colors or shades to match your existing décor is an excellent idea, be sure to go easy on the restoration work.

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor - Go Easy on the Restoration

Often, people take restoration work too seriously, the result being that the vintage find starts looking modern. It will surely be disheartening to see your carefully selected vintage pieces end up this way, so plan well before you begin restoring your finds.

Pair Items Wisely

Just because you don’t have two items that are similar, doesn’t mean you can’t pair them!

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor - Pair Items Wisely

You only have to look for items that are similar in color, texture, or finish. Repeating patterns and prints also helps establish order in the rooms.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Things look better under the right lighting conditions so instead of using glaring white lights or leaving your collectibles in the dark, invest in good ambient and task lighting fixtures.

8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Décor - Use Light to Your Advantage

Try different ways of lighting up vintage decor and see what works best.

Final Words

When it comes to displaying vintage finds, matching items with one another will never work. The best thing to do is find collectibles that complement each other and the rest of your décor. With the tips given here, you now know that displaying your collectibles around the house isn’t that complicated.

So don’t let your vintage finds collect dust in some corner of your house; bring them out and display them proudly!

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8 Tips to Help You Display Your Vintage Decor

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