Posted Jul 1, 2015

5 Things to Do in San Jose for Twenty-Somethings

Over the past few years, Silicon Valley has brought in some of the most forward-thinking and innovative young people in the world, which has reshaped San Jose’s nightlife and dining scene. It isn’t all work and no play here– tech geniuses need to relax and go out on the town sometimes too. Fortunately, San Jose has developed into a great place to do so.

5 Things to Do in San Jose for Twenty-Somethings

It wasn’t too long ago that San Jose was considered a bit sleepy compared to its big brother, San Francisco. However, San Jose has loads of attractions, nightlife and eateries that cater specifically to 20-somethings. Without further ado, here are the best things to do in San Jose for young residents:

1. Wine Tastings

You are right next to wine country, after all– and there are plenty of places near San Jose where you are encouraged to sip and swirl. Some excellent wine bars and vineyards to check out around town include Testarossa Vineyards in Los Gatos, the Lohr Winery tasting room, Village California Bistro and Wine Bar (which serves flights and half bottles) and Vino Vino, which boasts a state of the art wine tapping system.

5 Things to Do in San Jose for Twenty-Somethings - wine Tastings

Or for a quick day trip, head to wine country, which is just around 40 minutes from San Jose. Seriously, if you enjoy vino, San Jose is the perfect place for you.

2. Latin American Cuisine

San Jose is known for its collection of chefs, and many of them specialize in Spanish and Mexican styles. For instance, downtown¬†is Mezcal, which is known for perfecting the authentic cooking styles of the Oaxacan region in Mexico. On the menu you’ll find everything from traditional moles to crackling, tasty tlayudas. There is, of course, plenty of tequila and mezcal flowing around happy hour as well.

5 Things to Do in San Jose for Twenty-Somethings - Latin American Cuisine

For Caribbean Latin flavors, dine at Acuzar, which features dishes packed with fresh foods reminiscent of South America, Cuba and Puerto Rico– yes, this means you can get your fill of ceviche and fried plantains. Spanish tapas are also second-to-none in San Jose, with excellent local hot spots like Picasso’s.

3. Santana Row

Shopping is another big pastime in San Jose, and Santana Row is the at the center of the upscale trends in this area.

5 Things to Do in San Jose for Twenty-Somethings - Santana Row

Many of Silicon Valley’s most successful residents– also known as the “digerati”— like to frequent Santana Row for its 70 luxury shops and innovative Asian restaurants, according to the San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau.

4. Nightlife Options

If the party is still going well after 10 p.m., there are plenty of great watering holes in this area as well, including Loft Bar’s rooftop bar and dance floors, punk rock shows at The Blank Club, fancy cocktails and delicious sake at Nomikai.

5 Things to Do in San Jose for Twenty-Somethings - Nightlife Options

For more traditional pub fare, San Jose delivers too, with local standouts like Original Gravity Public House, Gordon Biersch and the Britannia Arms Pub.

5. Gallery Spaces

The Bay Area has always been a haven for artists, and San Jose is no different. SoFa (South of First) is where you’ll find loads of unique galleries packed with works from local artists.

5 Things to Do in San Jose for Twenty-Somethings - Gallery Spaces

The Fridays Art Walk– which takes place on the first Friday of every month– allows resident to check out gallery spaces during later hours, and the San Jose Museum of Contemporary Art is an excellent place to see world-renowned modern art as well.

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5 Things to Do in San Jose for Twenty-Somethings

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