Posted May 8, 2015

How to Tell If Your Decorating Style is Bohemian

For many people, identifying their apartment decorating style is difficult. What does this color combination indicate? Am I more modern or contemporary? Mid-century modern or rustic?

How to Tell Your Decorating Style is Bohemian

However, if you have very pronounced tastes, figuring them out is much easier. Either way, just look for telltale signs that point in one direction or another. After all, every design trend comes with a list of key identifiers.

Wondering how to tell if your design style is bohemian? These points indicate a definite yes:

You Have Tie Dye (in Several Patterns)

From iconic swirl patterns to unique scrunched looks, tie-dye is your comfort zone. You might have a bedspread, curtains, canopy or throw blanket that features the handmade, colorful look of tie dye.

How to Tell Your Decorating Style is Bohemian - You Have Tie Dye (in Several Patterns)

Even more likely, you have several types of tie dye strewn across your space, and you may have done the coloring yourself– major props if you did!

You Blur the Line Between Indoors and Out

With plants draped over any free surface and a collection of painted rocks somewhere in the apartment, people whose decorating styles are bohemian are truly friends of nature. Even if your space isn’t laden with greenery, you might still incorporate objects into your decoration whose origin is the outdoors, including feathers, branches, shells, and insect motifs.

How to Tell Your Decorating Style is Bohemian - You Blur the Line Between Indoors and Out

Good news for you: Plants help clear the air of harmful toxins, making your space safer. That in and of itself is good enough reason to be proud of your bohemian style.

Spaces Without Canopies Feel Too Lofty

You like the comfort and safety of canopies, whether they hang over your bed, a sofa or your pile or rugs and ornate pillows. You may even know how to drape large swaths of fabric in unique and creative ways, making your bed the envy of forest fairies everywhere.

How to Tell Your Decorating Style is Bohemian - Spaces Without Canopies Feel Too Lofty

If rooms that don’t have canopies feel tall and open, you could have a bohemian style. Make the most of this by picking beautiful patterns and colors for your canopies and using them to define spaces. You can even add string lights to your canopy to get a fairy tale twinkling effect.

You Borrow Heavily from Moroccan Design

From lamps to ottomans to rugs, if your apartment feels like a Moroccan palace, the style is definitely bohemian. The look creates warmth with its bright, saturated tones, intricate patterns and edges, and glowing lamps, which provide pools of light.

How to Tell Your Decorating Style is Bohemian - You Borrow Heavily from Moroccan Design

When it comes to lanterns, play with height. Most of the time, these fixtures hang and can help you define a space. Hang one low over your dining table or a reading nook to make the area feel cozy— so long as you don’t hit your head.

As for rugs, you may layer them. Just make sure your numerous pieces fit together with the rest of your decor.

What’s more, consider using mirrors with Moroccan designs throughout your space, as they’ll help redirect light into the darker spaces of your apartment– all those canopies can make a room feel dark.

You Simply Don’t Understand Minimalism

Who would want to live in a space that’s barren? To you, minimalist rooms look unloved and unlived-in, and that vibe doesn’t work for you. Instead, you want your apartment to feel like home, full of comforting decorations and patterns.

How to Tell Your Decorating Style is Bohemian - You Simply Don't Understand Minimalism

Just be discerning with the items you choose to decorate with. Thoughtfully pick out artwork and apartment accessories so they all go with your color scheme and overall design. Being thoughtful will help you create a cohesive style.

You Can Never Have Enough Pillows

Whenever you see a cool throw pillow at the store, you feel a strong compulsion to buy it– really though, you can’t have enough comfort. Not only that, but you use your pillows for sitting, laying, lounging, snuggling, etc. 

How to Tell Your Decorating Style is Bohemian - You Can Never Have Enough Pillows

In addition to buying funky pillows, consider getting staple pieces. These could be oversize pillows in solid colors that help tie your more heavily patterned ones together. Make use of your pillow collection by creating a cozy reading space– you can even use lanterns and canopies to make the area even more defined and homey.

By now, you should know how to tell that your decorating tastes lie in the bohemian movement. While patterns and colors may define your style, it’s really all about comfort, individuality and freedom. Let your tastes run wild!

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How to Tell Your Decorating Style is Bohemian

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