Posted Apr 27, 2015

A Tiny (Indoor) Garden For Small Spaces

By Laura Trujillo

When I wrote down my 2015 goal of having more greenery in our little apartment, my heart envisioned a lush space of bountiful hanging baskets and window sills full of herbs and flowers. I very much wanted our home to be our own secret garden. My head, on the other hand, was a little more realistic.

A Tiny (Indoor) Garden For Small Spaces

This dream, while beautiful, is hard to actualize at the moment when space is at a premium– which it is in 400 square feet. However, that doesn’t mean we have to live without living plants. It’s taken a little while but our tiny home is developing a nice tiny indoor garden.

I recommend starting slowly and growing (get it?) your indoor garden one section at a time. We started with the windowsill above our kitchen sink. It is home to a mini-succulent and cactus, and a ferocious Velociraptor to keep bugs at bay (or at least I like to think it does). I also like to use little bud vases to hold the occasional single flower.

A Tiny (Indoor) Garden For Small Spaces

Buy one plant and let it live in different parts of your home to see how it reacts. Where does it get the best light? Does it need to be watered often?

I have a great Philodendron that I placed on top of my shelf. I love the way the leaves drape across my books and down the wall. Since it is a little higher than my 5’1 self can reach, I put a watering globe in the pot to make sure it’s not neglected. I also added a pair of Harry Potter glasses for some character.

A Tiny (Indoor) Garden For Small Spaces

Large flower arrangements or plants can sometimes make a space feel even smaller, so I try to make use of small vases and containers. Instead of buying another plant I took some clippings from my Philodendron and placed them in a tall and narrow water pitcher. We weren’t using this container anymore so I figured, “why not use it for our plants?”

A Tiny (Indoor) Garden For Small Spaces

It’s been great because I can move it when we need to use the table, and the glass allows the roots to be part of the decoration. I’ve also put some old perfume bottles to work as bud vases. I love the way they look as a cluster and it adds a little feminine touch without being overbearing.

Finally, a terrarium is a perfect way to start an indoor garden or add some variety to your space. Terrariums work great for small spaces because they are able to hold a variety of plants, especially succulents, in a very contained space.

You can even get creative and decorate them. One of my terrariums holds rocks from special vacations, like our honeymoon, an amethyst geode, and a tiny Buddha statue.

A Tiny (Indoor) Garden For Small Spaces 5

Tiny indoor gardens offer just as many opportunities as their outdoor counterparts to reflect your style and give you the same chances to be creative. It helps if you view your small space as a challenge rather than a restriction. Think about unlikely places, like the countertop in your bathroom– the steam from your shower can create great conditions for some plants.

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Laura is a home decor writer and Marketing Specialist who founded Hello, Clementine! in 2013 as a space to share goal setting tips to help people rock their goals! She writes about lessons she’s learned through yoga and cycling and works to inspire others through her minimalist lifestyle

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  1. Succulents are always perfect for indoor mini gardens! Nice ideas 🙂 You know, herbs are another good idea. A small herb garden on the kitchen counter looks fresh and is very useful too. My dishes taste better with fresh herbs from my mini kitchen garden. Greets!

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