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Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods

Located just south of San Francisco is the city of San Jose, California. This sunny spot may not be in the Bay Area per se, but it certainly shares the exorbitant rental rates of its neighbor. On the high end, you can expect to pay nearly $5,000 a month in rent.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods

Fortunately, for those who don’t have a Mary Poppins-sized wallet, San Jose has a few neighborhoods in which rent is much more affordable. With that in mind, here’s a look at the cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods in San Jose:

Cheapest Neighborhoods

Looking to find an amazing apartment in San Jose but have a limited budget? Data from Lovely’s Q4 found that these five neighborhoods are the most affordable in San Jose:

1. Edenvale

​The median rental rate in Edenvale is a mere $1,650 per month, which is a great price for San Jose. The neighborhood is located south of the city center, and has access to public transportation– that means getting downtown or to other neighborhoods is easy.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - Edenvale

Edenvale has a suburban feel thanks to amenities like parks, schools, golf courses, and malls. So if you want a quieter spot with plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors, this area is ideal.

2. Almaden Valley

Located on San Jose’s far south side, Almaden Valley is another neighborhood with a relaxed atmosphere. More notably, the area is packed with rolling green hills. Within the boundaries of the neighborhood, you’ll find four golf courses and several parks, so there’s no shortage of beautiful outdoor scenery.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - Almaden Valley

What’s more, Almaden Valley has the look of an affluent neighborhood with the price of a much more affordable one. At $1,795, the median rental rate in Almaden Valley is certainly affordable.

3. Rose Garden

Rose Garden is named for the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, which is located within the neighborhood’s boundaries. In the garden, you can check out beautifully maintained flowers and enjoy the area’s amazing weather.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - Rose Garden

But pretty petals aren’t all Rose Garden has to boast. You’ll find retro buildings that have been maintained well, easy-to-access public transportation, and the West Field Valley mall. Rose Garden’s median rental rate is $1,925, according to Lovely’s Q4 report.

4. Burbank

With a median rental rate of $1,972.50, Burbank is among San Jose’s cheapest neighborhoods. It’s located just east of the downtown area, so getting into the city for work is a cinch.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - Burbank1

Residents also like the area because it has good schools and attractive buildings. Such amenities make it stand out to families, though younger renters may find Burbank a little lacking in the nightlife department. However, if you do want to grab a drink, you’re close enough to the downtown area to do so. 

5. King and Story

The fancy name of this neighborhood comes with a not-so-fancy price. With a median rental rate of $2,125 a month, rent in this area is very affordable.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - King and Story

Many San Jose residents simply call the neighborhood East Side Jose. King and Story is home to the Emma Prusch Farm Park, which is a community orchard and garden.

Most Expensive Neighborhoods

On the opposite end of the rental spectrum, you’ll find some of San Jose’s most expensive neighborhoods. These areas live up to the Silicon Valley reputation for high rent.

1. Silver Creek

Perhaps the name of this neighborhood makes you think of a silver platter, and you wouldn’t be far off. With a median rental rate of $4,900, living in Silver Creek is an expensive endeavor. However, the neighborhood is pricey for a reason.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - Silver Creek Neighborhood

The small area is full of country clubs and beautiful architecture, attracting individuals who have plenty of money and prefer a luxurious and quiet neighborhood. If you love the hustle and bustle of city life, however, Silver Creek isn’t for you.

2. Almaden Meadows

Almaden has a spot on the most and least expensive lists, so don’t get Meadows and Valley confused. Almaden Meadows has a median rental rate of $3,100 and is located on the far south side.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - Almaden Meadows

Named for the park in the neighborhood boundaries, Almaden Meadows is another quiet, residential area with beautiful scenery.

3. East San Jose

East San Jose accounts for the area east of downtown. The median rental rate is $2,800, which is more affordable than other places on the expensive list.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - East San Jose

The area is unique in that it abuts the mountains, giving residents access to parks and outdoor recreation. What’s more, the neighborhood is close to the city, so commuters will have an easy time getting to work– something everyone wants to hear.

4. Meadowfair

​Meadowfair is an all-residential neighborhood with palm tree-lined streets and beautiful weather. There, the streets all have famous names that give a nod to various artists and characters.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - Meadowfair

For instance, you can jog down Brahms or Mozart Avenues if you’re feeling musical. Or, take a walk on Othello or Ophelia Avenues if you’re in more of a literary mood. Meadowfair has a bus system, making travel easy, and the median rental rate is $2,650.

5. Blossom Valley

Another city neighborhood with a suburban feel, Blossom Valley has a median rental rate of $2,409. The area also has restaurants, movie theaters and parks, giving residents plenty to do. As for buildings, you’ll find a variety of multifamily dwellings you can call home.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods - Blossom Valley

San Jose may have pricey rent in some neighborhoods, but the warm, sunny weather, suburban feel and outdoor activity make the city a wonderful place to call home.

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Cheapest and Most Expensive San Jose Neighborhoods

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