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Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods

Washington DC is quite a unique city for renters. It’s well-known as our country’s political epicenter, but it’s also a fast-paced, public transit-friendly, and youthful place that is gaining a lot of buzz, especially in the food, music and entertainment scene.

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With all of the politicians on Capitol Hill, D.C. might seem like a concrete sprawl of bureaucratic buildings, but I’ve visited the area before and I distinctly remember the character, history and beauty of the nation’s capitol with great fondness. Being such an international and political hub, D.C. is also full of residents from all walks of life and backgrounds– making it quite the interesting and dynamic place to call home.

If you’re planning on moving to the D.C. area, take it from me, you might want to start looking for a place soon, because its popularity isn’t slowing down. According to a 2014 Washington Post article, the D.C. region has enjoyed population growth over the past few years. 

Now is the time to start looking for D.C. apartments that match up with your budget. Curious as to what the most expensive and cost-efficient Washington DC neighborhoods are? Read below to find out more:

The Cheapest Washington, DC, Neighborhoods


Located in northeast Washington, D.C., Benning is an excellent choice for those watching their renter budgets.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Benning

Easy access to public transit, Fort Mahan Park, and nearby shopping and restaurants make Benning’s quality of life also quite pleasant. Even better, renters can expect to pay a median rental rate of around $1,400 per month.


Hillcrest is located in the southeastern portion of the city and is known for its civic-minded residents and many hills (hence the name). The Naylor Road Metro stop runs straight through Hillcrest, making it ideal for commuters.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Hillcrest

There are also many green spaces and parks, as well as red brick colonial homes that line the streets. According to the Hillcrest Community Civic Association, these attributes make it one of “the best-kept secrets of Washington,” especially with a median rental rate of $1,345 per month.

Congress Heights

Congress Heights has gone through a major urban renewal in recent years, especially with its new Metro station, renovated local high school campus and the Gateway D.C. Pavilion.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Congress Heights

As such, the population, household income and home value are all on the rise, according to Elevation D.C. Despite this massive change, Congress Heights is still relatively affordable for renters, with the a median rental rate of $1,221.

Fort Dupont

Named after the famous Fort Dupont Park, a massive trail system with a rich Civil War history and beautiful forests, Fort Dupont is another D.C. neighborhood that’s gaining steam with renters.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Fort Dupont

Located in the southeastern part of the city, there are many single-family homes and access to the Anacostia River. Renting here is a delight as well, especially with a median rental rate of $1,150 per month.

Marshall Heights

Marshall Heights has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the past, but according to WAMU, the area has experienced a boom as of late with so many new renters in the area.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Marshall Heights

There are many open parcels of land for development in Marshall Heights, so things are only looking up for this D.C. neighborhood. Expect to see apartments getting full with renters in the near future with an affordable median rental rate $950. 


Deanwood is an excellent spot for renters who want a home with a rural atmosphere, but still enjoy all of the amenities of a big city, according to Urban Turf. There’s a noted small-town feel in Deanwood, making it ideal for families and those looking for a slower pace away from downtown.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Deanwood

Housing styles are diverse here as well, so there’s a little something for everyone. With a median rental rate of $920, your budget certainly isn’t going to get in the way of enjoying this laid-back neighborhood.

The Most Expensive Washington, DC, Neighborhoods


Since 1751, Georgetown has been one of the preeminent neighborhoods in D.C. (and it makes sense, seeing as the area was named after an English monarch). You might need quite a royal salary to live here though, with the rent soaring at a median rental rate of $2,900 per month.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Georgetown

Although it may be expensive, Georgetown does have its charms, from the beautiful colonial architecture to numerous boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.


Downtown is another area in D.C. known for its affluent residents, many of whom are likely lobbyists and Washington insiders given its location near many federal buildings. It’ll cost you to be a downtown renter, as the median rental rate hovers around $2,600 per month.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Downtown.

Downtown is just a stone’s throw from many D.C. landmarks, including the rows of beautiful cherry blossoms, Chinatown, K Street, Mount Vernon Square, and the Smithsonian Grounds.

Logan Circle-Shaw

You can feel like you’re right in the middle of an episode of “House of Cards” in the Logan Circle-Shaw area, a bustling scene full of luxurious Victorian architecture.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Logan Circle Shaw

Walkable, lush and energetic, Logan Circle-Shaw has a youthful population and is the fastest-growing and most densely populated area in the district, according to the Washington Post. The median rental rate here runs about $2,573 per month. 

Michigan Park

Michigan Park is the most suburban, of the expensive neighborhoods on this list, and boasts long-time D.C. residents with its quiet streets and slower pace.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Michigan Park

Brick colonial homes line the streets here, and the area is very residential, so renters will likely need a car to get around. Michigan Park is also known as being a very family-friendly neighborhood, and the median rental rate hovers around $2,495 per month.

Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom is unique among many other D.C. areas, as it has its own historic district. There is close proximity to many of the city’s memorials and the Potomac River, in addition to the Watergate and the Department of State building.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods - Foggy Bottom

This was also a working-class neighborhood in the 19th century, according to the National Park Service, so there are echoes of the area’s industrial past, including old corner stores, row houses, and warehouses. The median rental rate in Foggy Bottom is around $2,463.

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Cheapest and Most Expensive Washington DC Neighborhoods

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