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Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters

Just browsing through listings for Los Angeles neighborhoods will make it clear that no one LA community is like another. Each has its own unique personality, from the glamorous reputation of Beverly Hills to the bohemian appeal of Silver Lake.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters

To help you in your search for LA rentals, Lovely has compiled a list of the most popular Los Angeles neighborhoods for renters looking for a new place to call home. Consider one of these when if you’re moving and trying to pick out your new ‘hood:

1. Mid-Wilshire

Known by the locals as Midtown, Mid-Wilshire is a diverse and bustling neighborhood made up of several smaller communities, such as Miracle Mile and Little Ethiopia. People from all corners of the world have been drawn to this neighborhood for about a century thanks to its welcoming vibe and relatively affordable rentals.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - Mid-Wilshire

It’s population is largely 20-somethings taking advantage of the foodie hot spots, array of art galleries, music venues, and general cultural melting pot that is Midtown. But don’t expect wild nights of debauchery– nightlife is more laid-back (think tapas and craft beers followed by a night of ping pong with pals or live indie rock in an intimate venue).

2. Hollywood

Hollywood may be known as a tourist hot spot, but it’s one of the most widely searched Los Angeles neighborhoods among apartment hunters. But don’t be fooled by the glitz and glam of the movie industry, Hollywood is so much more than a tourist attraction.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - Hollywood

Sunset and Hollywood boulevards are where you’ll find gawking tourists, but there are plenty of hidden local treasures, such as farmers markets and little-known art galleries.

3. West Los Angeles

Don’t get scared away by West LA’s reputation for being exclusive and pretentious, West LA is made up largely of working-class families and young professionals living in mostly low-rise apartments and charming bungalows.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - West Los Angeles

There’s plenty to do in West LA. Nestled between Santa Monica and Century City, the neighborhood is sprawling with diners, vintage eateries, indie theaters, and the beloved “Little, Little Tokyo”. If you haven’t already, make sure you pay a visit to the beautiful Getty Center, even if you aren’t into art museums, the flawless architecture and gardens are gorgeous and should not be missed.

4. Silver Lake

Silver Lake dwellers will argue that their neighborhood is the best in the city, and it has been named among the best of the best by publications like CNNMoney. It’s both family– and hipster-friendly, thanks in great part to its affordable shopping and entertainment.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - Silver Lake

This neighborhood is also known for its farmers markets and plethora of food trucks, as well as a vibrant art scene and Modernist architecture along tree-lined streets.

5. Mar Vista

This community has a small-town charm that can’t be found in other Los Angeles neighborhoods. The sidewalks are shaded by trees, the corner store owner probably knows you by name and many residents grew up in Mar Vista together and are more like family than neighbors. Each Sunday, residents gather at the Mar Vista Farmers Market to support local businesses and farmers.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - Mar Vista

It’s not surprising that there’s a strong sense of community pride. Another big reason to be happy about living here is it’s in a prime location– you’re only a few miles from the beachfront, and many apartments have a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean in the not-so-far distance.

6. Santa Monica

With easy access to the beach, a bustling boardwalk and top-notch shopping, it’s no wonder apartments in Santa Monica are so in demand.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - Mid-Wilshire - Santa Monica

A stroll along Montana Avenue will bring you to some of the most chic boutiques in town and an exciting nightlife scene, but somehow, there’s still a somewhat secluded feel to this far-west neighborhood. Since it’s set aside geographically, life in Santa Monica without wheels is nearly impossible– an unfortunate plight of living in LA that locals and visitors know all too well.

7. Los Feliz

Over on the East Side is Los Feliz, which has become a celebrity hangout of sorts in recent years.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - Los Feliz

That might have something to do with the rich diversity and abundance of things to do, from sipping a local brew in an artisanal coffee shop to visiting a great live music venue. But the cultural highlights of Los Feliz are by far the Greek Theatre and Griffith Observatory.

8. Beverly Hills

Tourists flock to Beverly Hills for the celebrity sightings and shopping along the famous, Rodeo Drive. Those who live here are drawn to the glamorous lifestyle that the neighborhood is known for.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - Beverly Hills

It’s true that Beverly Hills is a neighborhood full of of trendy people, fast cars, designer handbags, and posh nightlife– but all of this extravagance comes at a price, LA apartments in this neighborhood carry a hefty price tag.

9. Pico

A 360 from Beverly Hills is Pico, a small neighborhood in central LA with a reputation for high crime rates. However, a strong community and united front have fought crime in this area with increasing success, and more people from all over LA and beyond are making Pico their home.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - Pico

Not only are rental prices reasonable, but there’s also a rich diversity that can be seen in the murals adorning buildings, the variety of dining options, and the families that have strived to make Pico a safe and rewarding place to live for future generations.

10. West Hollywood

West Hollywood, or “WeHo” to residents, is a welcoming and lively neighborhood with an exciting nightlife scene. Boy’s Town is known for its liberalism, LGBTQ population, and 24-hour party atmosphere.

Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters - West Hollywood

West Hollywood is a fun and inviting community. The residents are proud to call it home because of it’s excellent shopping, amazing restaurants, and close proximity to downtown LA.

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Most Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Renters

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