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10 Most Pet-Friendly Chicago Neighborhoods

Does this sound familiar? You view apartment after apartment, falling in love with numerous places until you’re told the unit isn’t pet-friendly, delaying your big move. You may feel crushed every time your dream apartment was out of your reach because the landlord doesn’t accept animals.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago

It’s a real tragedy, especially as you near the end of your lease and need a new place desperately. If you live in Chicago, or are planning to make move to the Windy City, you can look in neighborhoods that have a reputation for catering to animals.

Believe it or not, Chicago neighborhoods with pet-friendly apartments are numerous. After doing some research, Lovely has compiled a list of the top 10 areas you and your fuzzy friend will be welcome.

1. The Loop

The Loop refers to the downtown area of Chicago, where most businesses and high rises are. While the Loop is the working district of the city, it has plenty of rental units. Lovely’s report revealed that 71% of rental units in the Loop allow pets.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - The Loop

Getting to keep your dog, cat, rabbit, etc., in a Loop apartment will be a real pleasure– downtown Chicago is home to numerous parks, such as Millennium Park and Grant Park. Additionally, dog owners can bring their pooches to Montrose Dog Beach. This area grants dogs access to Lake Michigan. Who knows, your dog might meet some new canine friends.

While the Loop is the most pet-friendly area in Chicago, it comes with the highest median rental rate (who is really surprised?) at $2,270 a month.

2. South Loop

The South Loop is located in the southern end of Chicago’s downtown district. The area includes the Museum Campus, where you’ll find places like the Shedd Aquarium.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - South Loop

What’s more, the South Loop has the second highest concentration of apartments that allow pets at 70%. Your animal is sure to love an apartment in this area, especially because you can go for a walk in nearby Grant Park or head toward the lake.

Although the South Loop is one of the Chicago neighborhoods that’s pet-friendly, it comes with a high median rental rate at about $2,000 a month– well, it’s better than the Loop.

3. West Loop

The West Loop is the up-and-coming neighborhood west of the Chicago River. There you’ll find popular restaurants, trendy bars and (you guessed it) a home for you and your pet. In fact, 62% of West Loop apartments allow animals.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - West Loop

With a median rent of $1,946, the West Loop is more affordable than other Chicago neighborhoods but has a high concentration of pet-friendly buildings. Not only that, but because the West Loop is gaining popularity, living there means being in the heart of a booming population. Now that’s a win-win (or should I say win-win-win?)!

4. Wicker Park

Located on the northwest side of Chicago off the CTA Blue Line, Wicker Park is another hip spot. The neighborhood’s central area sits at the three-way intersection of Damen, Milwaukee and North Avenues. That intersection is also the Damen stop on the L.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - Wicker Park

You won’t have to wander far from the intersection to find fun things to do, from getting a slice of pizza from the always-crowded Piece to shopping at resale stores. More excitingly, Wicker Park is home to pet groomers, pet day care, and animal hospitals.

Additionally, 48% of apartments in the area cater to pets. You and your animal will have tons of fun living in Wicker Park, where median rent is $2,050 a month.

5. West Town

West Town is an amalgam of neighborhoods on the city’s west side. It includes Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village and Humboldt Park, to name a few. In this large area, 48% of apartments are pet-friendly.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - West Town

The concentration of pets is obvious when you hang out in local parks. For instance, you’ll see dogs and their owners jogging around or playing catch in Humboldt Park. The area also houses pet amenities, like shops and vets’ offices.

At a median rental rate of $1,995, West Town is a bit more affordable than other neighborhoods on our list.

6. Roscoe Village

Located on the city’s north side, Roscoe Village is another great place to live in Chicago if you have pets. California Park abuts the neighborhood on its west side, and 46% of apartments allow animals.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - Roscoe Village

While Roscoe Village isn’t the top of the list in terms of pet-friendly living, you’ll still have a good probability of finding a home for you and Fluffy. Even better, the median rental rate in Roscoe Village is $1,700– and getting a pet-friendly place for that price in a big city can feel like a dream come true,

7. Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park is a neighborhood on the west side named for the massive park in its boundaries. The area is also part of West Town. In the last few years, the neighborhood has gained young residents who are looking to live near Logan Square, Bucktown or Wicker Park but who don’t want to spent a lot of money on their apartment.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - Humboldt Park

In fact, 45% of units allow animals, which is pretty good for a neighborhood whose median rental rate is a mere $1,350. Wicker Park might have a higher concentration of pet-friendly living spaces, but the price of Humboldt Park draws tons of renters.

Walking around the park, you might think everyone owns a dog. Joggers take their pooches for a run and others toss a ball around.

8. Albany Park

Located on Chicago’s far north side, Albany Park has a diverse community that includes animals. Lovely’s report revealed that 44% of the apartments in this area allow pets, so your chances of finding a new place to call home for you and Fido are pretty high, and affordable– median rental rate is $1,280 a month!

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Albany Park

LaBagh Woods border Albany Park’s north border, so be sure to take your dog there for some much-needed outdoor time .

9. Logan Square

Seeing as how I live in Logan Square, I’m a little biased toward this neighborhood. My upstairs neighbor has a loveable pitbull (seriously, that dog is so friendly) and my neighbor across the hall has two tiny dogs– I’ve never seen them, but I’ve heard their barks.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - Logan Square

Point being, you can’t walk two blocks in Logan Square without seeing a pet. My building allows animals, and my rabbit (yup, I have a bunny) is pretty comfortable.

With 44% of Logan Square apartments allowing animals, it’s no wonder you see them everywhere you go. Not only that, but just down the street from me is a vet. What’s more, Logan is an affordable neighborhood with a median rental rate of $1,400 a month.

10. North Park

While North Park has the lowest concentration of pet-friendly apartments on this list (43%), it’s the most affordable at $1,100 a month– it’s astonishing, I know. This neighborhood is just north of Albany Park.

10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago - North Park

With all these neighborhoods to choose from (10, to be exact), you’re sure to find a place in Chicago that you and your pet can call home.

Don’t just look at the neighborhood’s concentration of animal-friendly units when searching for a new place, though– the number of vets, parks, and pet stores should also weigh into your decision.

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10 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago

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