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Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles

When it comes to ranking romantic cities in the U.S., Los Angeles has to be somewhere near the top of the list. LA is famous for near-perfect southern California weather, rolling canyons, beautiful beaches, an eye for the arts, and plenty of glamor in between.

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Long story short, LA has countless romantic spots, whether you’re visiting for the weekend or you’re a Los Angeles local. Hollywood attractions are awesome– but trust me, if you and that special someone need to avoid the crowds and enjoy some much-needed alone time, LA delivers too. For couples looking to have some fun and rekindle the fire, head to these romantic destinations:

Mulholland Drive

If you and your S.O. really want to embrace the California lifestyle, rent a convertible, put the top down, hop in and soak up the spectacular views on Mulholland Drive.

Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles - Mulholland Drive

You can see some of the most iconic– and romantic– sights of LA without ever unbuckling your seat belt, including the Hollywood Sign, the San Fernando Valley, historic U.S. Highway 101, the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Los Angeles Basin.

Here’s my advice: grab your camera (you will want pictures), head out a couple of hours before dusk and load up your smartphone with a romantic playlist– he or she will definitely not forget this famous LA thoroughfare, especially at sunset.

Bar Marmont

Make that special someone feel like a Hollywood A-lister and head to the bar at the Chateau Marmont. Dripping with elegance, the Chateau Marmont has attracted the rich and famous for decades.

Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles - Bar Marmont

Howard Hughes and James Dean hung out here in the early days, Led Zeppelin famously drove their motorcycle through the lobby in the ’60s and more modern stars like Scarlett Johansson still like to pay a visit to this day.

Located on Sunset Boulevard, the Bar Marmont doesn’t dish out typical bar fare. Get ready for seared diver scallops, fresh charcuterie and oysters, complete with classic cocktails a la “Mad Men,” such as a side car, pisco sour, or bellinis. Go ahead, splurge a little– you guys are in Hollywood, after all.

Runyon Canyon

From dawn to dusk, spectacular panoramas of the LA skyline are up for view at Runyon Canyon Park. If you and your lover are up for breaking a sweat, there’s a fantastic 3.5-mile hiking trail.

Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles - Runyun Canyon

Try to go a little bit later in the afternoon. Based on experience, I can tell you that LA looks quite stunning as you climb down the canyon and the lights start to flicker on across the valley. Are you swooning yet?

Santa Monica Pier

Fun-loving couples will feel right at home at Santa Monica Pier, considered one of the must-see attractions for any LA visitor. Grab some cotton candy, hop on the Ferris wheel (it overlooks like Pacific Ocean!) and steal a kiss or two.

Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles - Santa Monica Pier.jpg

Afterwards, venture onto Santa Monica’s gorgeous beach and enjoy a breezy southern California stroll. Seriously, it doesn’t get more romantic than this.


Life is full of distractions, from buzzing smartphones to packed social calendars to endless work emails. Does this sound like you and your S.O.? Look no further than Opaque, a restaurant that is known for serving up its delectable dishes in pitch-black darkness so that patrons can focus on the flavors, scents and textures of their dining experience.

Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles - Opaque

Yes, you read that right– Opaque delivers delicious meals sans light so that you can put away the push notifications and texts and focus on the conversation with the person you are dining with. I know– it’s a little strange, but you have to admit, it’s a little romantic, too.

El Matador State Beach

You can’t leave LA without a trip to one of southern California’s fantastic beaches. When it comes to romantic destinations, the crashing waves against the rocks and colorful sunsets at El Matador State Beach are going to win every time. Located just north of Malibu, this gorgeous stretch of white sand and spellbinding cliffs is perfect for a stroll with your crush.

Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles - Crystal Cove

Travel Channel calls it “a picture-perfect beach,” and I have to say, I agree. El Matador is far away from the throngs of crowds in Hollywood and it lies along the world-renowned Pacific Coast Highway. There’s a reason why photographers like to conduct their shoots here– it’s simply one of the best beaches that California has to offer, so be sure to share it with that special someone.

Griffith Observatory

If you’re like me and my husband, you find romance in the most unexpected places– like science centers. The couple that nerds out together, stays together, is what I always say. Sometimes walking hand-in-hand through a museum on a cloudy afternoon can rekindle those sparks much more than a fancy night out.

Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles - Griffith Observatory

Luckily, at the Griffith Observatory, you can combine the thrilling world of astronomy with the glitz of nearby West Hollywood and the views of downtown LA below. This puts a whole other meaning on the phrase star-crossed lovers.

However, the Griffith is world-renowned as a tour de force for all things science (Neil deGrasse Tyson would feel right at home here). Make time for the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, the Hollywood Sign Terrace, the Solar System Lawn Model and the Rebel Without a Cause Monument. Although there are certainly a lot of contenders, I think this is the best spot in the city to snap a panoramic selfie with him or her in LA.

It’s hard not to feel a little extra-fabulous when you’re in LA, and when you’re with that special someone, it makes it even sweeter.

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Most Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles

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