Posted Feb 11, 2015

The Best Foods to Make on a Snow Day

When a blizzard hits and you’re stuck indoors, it’s a great excuse to bundle up, forget about work and enjoy some Netflix, or read a good book. Another great thing about a cold day? You have lots of extra time to make what I consider to be some the best foods– comfort foods.

The Best Foods to Make on a Snowy Day

Delicious comfort food along with a warm beverage can help keep you warm and your stomach full while you’re waiting out the storm. Don’t let a snow day give you the winter blues, instead, try  your hand at whipping together these four delicious comfort foods:

Soups or Stews

Making soup from scratch is often way too time consuming to tackle on a busy weekday. However, if you’re working from home during a blizzard or stuck indoors for a snowy weekend, making soup can be a fun and rewarding culinary adventure.

The Best Foods to Make on a Snowy Day - Soups or Stews

Since soup is so versatile, you can go in pretty much any direction– from a classic chicken noodle recipe to a take on one of my favorites, Vietnamese pho.

Stew is similarly time consuming, but the hearty flavor makes it well worth it.. Need a little more convincing? Stews often include beer or wine, so you have a great excuse to crack open a drink while you wait out the storm.

Perhaps, the best part about both soup and stew is that they can be made in large batches, so even if the snow comes down for days, you’ll have enough leftovers to hold you over.

Delicious Desserts

Utilize your free time by whipping up some yummy pastries and baked goods in the kitchen while you hide out from the cold. Anything from cookies and cupcakes, to fresh baked pies will keep you warm and your tastebuds happy.

The Best Foods to Make on a Snowy Day - Delicious Desserts

Go beyond the box and make an effort to mix up your own batter. Odds are you’ll have at least a few of the staple ingredients on hand. If you’re missing one or two ingredients, don’t get discouraged– get creative with substitutions.

For example, if you’re out of eggs, consider substituting in apple sauce, yogurt, or bananas. The first two of these ingredients also come in handy if you need to find a replacement for butter.


Lasagna is a piece of cake once you get it prepped and in the oven. However, depending on the amount of work you’re willing to put in, the prep can easily take a few hours.

The Best Foods to Make on a Snowy Day - Lasagna

Not only will you have to chop up and cook a significant amount of veggies and meat, you’ll have to then layer it to perfection before allowing it to bake.

If you really want to get fancy, you can try making pasta from scratch and sauce from scratch. This will certainly add to the overall prep time, but will be well worth it when you dig in to your melty homemade lasagna goodness and watch the snow fall outside.

Homemade Bread

Bread baking doesn’t have to be super difficult– it’s mostly an act of patience. The nice thing about this culinary venture is that you’ll probably be able to complete a step and  go do other things while you wait for the bread to rise.

The Best Foods to Make on a Snowy Day - Homemade Bread

So even if baking a loaf of bread takes the entirety of your day, it won’t actually be all that time consuming. It’s worth noting that homemade bread pairs particularly well with soup, stew, and lasagna.

You could bake a fluffy baguette, and then turn it into garlic bread to compliment your baked lasagna– yum!

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The Best Foods to Make on a Snow Day

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