Posted Feb 6, 2015

Hosting a V-Day Party at Your Apartment

V-Day is an occasion for celebrating romance, and it’s also a convenient excuse for throwing a stellar party at your apartment.

Hosting V-Day at Your Apartment

There’s much more to planning your event than thinking up ideas for Valentine’s Day decor. Turn to these simple tips when planning your V-Day party:

Choose a Theme

You could hang doily hearts, cardboard cutouts of Cupid, and other common Valentine’s decorations and call it a day. Or you can make your party something to remember by incorporating a unique theme.

Hosting V-Day at Your Apartment - Choose a Theme

Turn the clock back to the 5th century and base the affair around the origin of Valentine’s Day: the Roman holiday Lupercalia. Make it a toga party, decorate with drapes of plain white and velvet and hang vine leaves all around your apartment.

You could even serve up Roman-inspired foods, such as cheesecakes, sweetmeats, and fish souffles, and turn your love seat into a Roman throne that serves as a photo booth for your guests.

Other ideas for Valentine’s Day party themes include:

  • Chocolate tasting
  • Karaoke (stock your karaoke machine with all of the best love songs and/ or breakup songs)
  • Classic romance movie costume party
  • Great couples in history

Cater to Singles and Couples

Unless you want your party to be specifically for singles or for couples only, you’ll want to make a point to plan it so that both types of guests will have a good time.

Hosting V-Day at Your Apartment - Cater to Singles and Couples

Include activities geared toward couples, such as an at-home version of “The Newlywed Game,” but also offer options for singles– maybe throw a few matchmaking games in the mix.

Set Up A V-Day Card Station and Photobooth

Provide a wide array of arts and crafts supplies, such as colored construction paper, lace doilies, cupcake liners, colored yarn, markers, stamps and a rainbow assortment of pipe cleaners. Remember to include the scissors, glue, tape, and envelopes.

Hosting V-Day at Your Apartment - Set Up a V-Day Card Station and Photobooth

You can also create a space in your apartment to display these cards. Encourage guests to tape their personalized cards to a designated blank wall after receiving them, then take a picture of the whole group in front of the display.

Offer Romantic Fare

There are a lot of aphrodisiacs out there, and they offer perfect opportunities to incorporate romantic foods into your event. Serve up a variety of appetizers, from oysters paired with a fresh shrimp cocktail to lightly roasted asparagus spears.

Hosting V-Day at Your Apartment - Offer Romantic Fare

For the sweet tooth, put out home made (or store bought) heart shaped cookies, cupcakes, chocolate fondue, or chocolate covered strawberries.

Hosting V-Day at Your Apartment - Offer Romantic Treats

If your celebration is taking the form of a dinner party, select foods that contribute to the romantic atmosphere of the event. For example, you might cook up a classic French meal such as coq au vin and decorate your dining room to resemble a Parisian bistro. And don’t forget about your wine pairings!

Make It a Dessert Potluck

Sweets are a big part of V-Day, so ensure that your party has the whole spectrum of desserts by asking each guest to bring a different type of cupcake, cookie, or other confection.

Hosting V-Day at Your Apartment - Make it a Dessert Potluck

There will likely be a lot of leftovers, so have takeaway bags on hand and you can send each guest home with his or her own assortment of goodies.

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