Posted Jan 28, 2015

Apartment Complexes Up the Ante on Amenities

Basic apartment amenities are an expectation no matter which type of apartment you live in. We all want to have our mail and packages delivered securely, a functioning laundry room, garage space for bicycles/cars, and other practical conveniences.

Apartment Complexes Up the Ante on Common Spaces

However, many apartment complexes are realizing that these standard amenities are no longer cutting it and landowners are taking pages right out of the books of the hospitality industry to create a “hotel experience” for their renters.

Raising the Bar (and Adding a Bar)

Where once there may have been a boring lobby or a standard mail room, now there’s a movie theater, a wine bar, a dog washing station, or a gourmet coffee bar for residents. These types of movie star quality amenities really raise the bar and make any living space more desirable for renters.

Apartment Complexes Up the Ante on Common Spaces - Raising the Bar (And Adding a Bar)

On the surface, this may seem like nothing more than a way for realty companies to entice renters, but it’s also a means of building niche communities and reimagining common areas to meet the needs and expectations of young renters.

For renters, this could mean a happier more comfortable living situation, potentially wanting to stay in their apartment lease for a longer period of time, and getting more in touch with the community they live with– who could pass up a tenant happy hour or a neighbor who doubles as a gym buddy, (plus a fancy fitness center located a few floors away) ?

Apartment Complexes Up the Ante on Common Spaces - Raising the Bar

For property owners, this could mean fewer empty units to fill and less time spent seeking out new renters because of increased competition for these in-demand luxury spaces– seems like a win-win for everybody.

Building a Community of Neighbors

By offering game rooms, hosting movie nights, creating more lounge-style lobby areas, and holding happy hours, these amenity-stocked apartment complexes are making interacting with your neighbors a much more social and fun experience.

Apartment Complexes Up the Ante on Common Spaces - Building a Community of Neighbors

Adulthood doesn’t always come with the open-door nights of your dorm days, which makes it more difficult to make friends post-college, especially if you just moved to a new city. By creating an active social calendar and a lively setting for tenants, many apartment complexes are making it easier to organically build a community feel within their buildings.

Apartment Complexes Up the Ante on Common Spaces - Building a Community of Neighbors - Building a Community of Neighbors

Imagine how easy it would be to bond with your neighbors over a game of shuffleboard in your apartment’s communal game room, or while chowing down at the new pop-up restaurant in your building’s lobby. These unbelievable amenities are a reality for some lucky renters.

Luxury Apartment Living

In cities across the U.S., apartment complexes are increasingly trying to top each other with more impressive luxury amenities. Some residents expect everything from virtual golf simulators to rock-climbing walls.

Apartment Complexes Up the Ante on Common Spaces - Luxury Apartment Living

Building-wide WiFi, cleaning services, and culinary options also appear to be considered standard expectations in luxury apartments these days. For young professionals who work long hours, having such services can make a huge difference in their quality of living.

Imagine getting home from work, walking through the welcoming feel of a hotel lobby, grabbing a glass of wine, then heading to the library for a relaxing, after-work read– all of this while under the roof of your own apartment building!

Apartment Complexes Up the Ante on Common Spaces - Luxury Apartment Living

These apartment complex trends are taking hold in the Midtown South district of New York City, Philadelphia, and other major cities around the country.

If this trend continues, one can only wonder if renting an apartment will eventually feel like a longterm hotel stay, complete with turn down service and a chocolate on your pillow– and would that really be so bad?

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