Posted Jan 14, 2015

You Know You’re Living in Los Angeles When…

Los Angeles has year round sunshine, warm beaches, celeb worthy real estate, and endless food options. What’s not to love? In fact, these are probably the reasons you moved to LA in the first place– OK, following a job or pursuing your lifelong dream of becoming famous are also acceptable reasons.

You Know You're Living in Los Angeles When...

But  have you truly assimilated into the LA lifestyle? After enough (traffic filled) drives down the 405, froyo dates, and celebrity sightings, you’ll know you’re living in Los Angeles when …

You Expect a Long Commute

L.A. is car city. Most people drive; whether it’s to work or to grab a coffee at the Starbucks down  the street. It doesn’t matter if your office is walking distance, you’ll hop in your car to get there.

You Know You're Living in Los Angeles When... You Expect a Long Commute

Since everyone drives everywhere, LA traffic can turn a quick trip into a long commute. LA locals know that 405, 10, 110, etc., are all veritable parking lots and you can always blame the poor soul driving in front of you.

Yelling at him or her with your windows rolled up is the most productive and cheapest form of therapy. And don’t even get me started about the one day a year that it rains in LA…

Parking Runs Your Life

You want to say that you’re in charge of your own life, but you know that’s not true. Your parking spot is now your master. It’s parked so close, sitting there in front of your apartment, why leave?

You Know You're Living in Los Angeles When... Parking Runs Your Life

A tempting new yoga studio offering a free class? Pass. Your post-yoga, relaxed state of mind will be ruined upon arriving home and circling around for 20 minutes looking for a new spot.

A hot date in West Hollywood? You’ll have to Uber in order to keep your prime parking space– is this date really worth surge prices on a Saturday night?

And forget going to that trendy new gluten free bakery– it doesn’t have a parking lot. The moment you realize how much parking matters to you is the same moment you discover that you’re a true LA local.

Quirkiness is the Norm

You walk into a grocery store and the girl in front of you buying toilet paper is casually dressed like a cat (October is months away). Upon stepping outside, you pass a rollerblading robot with a boombox.

You Know You're Living in Los Angeles When...Quirkinessis the Norm

Basically, living in Los Angeles has taught you that what the rest of the country may see as weird, is really just another day in LA. At this point, it takes a lot to shock you.

Once in a while you may joke about your strange encounters on Twitter (#OnlyInLA or #LAProblems) but of course you only ever mean the jabs lovingly.

Your Cold Tolerance is at an All-Time Low

When you visit friends or family, you’re never prepared for the drastic drop in temperature. Your thin peacoat is too hot for LA, but it does nothing to protect against Chicago wind or even San Francisco rain.

You Know You're Living in Los Angeles When... Your Cold Tolerance is at an All Time Low

While your loved ones likely mock your inability to withstand 40 degree climates, you know that deep down, they’re just jealous of your sunny home. Plus, you can get through being in the tundra because you know it’s not forever; soon, you’ll be back on the beach.

You’ve Picked Up At Least One LA Fad at Some Point

Juicing, kale, juicing with kale, antigravity yoga, the cabbage soup diet, hula-hooping, the list of LA fads goes on and on… and you’ve definitely tried out your fair share at one point or another.

You Know You're Living in Los Angeles When... You've Picked Up At Least One LA Fad at Some Point

While not all of them were your cup of tea, you may have found that the grapefruit diet really kept those extra pounds off or that you have a knack for SkyRobics and you’re not ashamed of it.


Double double with grilled onions (protein style if you’re cutting back on carbs), animal style fries (I never said all carbs), and a neapolitan shake please. From the fresh-cut fries to the secret spread, In-N-Out does fast food right. You have your order down and never steer far from it, because why mess with perfection?

You Know You're Living in Los Angeles When... In-N-Out

Every bite is the best and the price is right so you wouldn’t dream of getting a burger (or grilled cheese for the vegetarians out there) anywhere else.

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You Know You're Living in Los Angeles When...

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