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Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods

San Francisco has a reputation as an expensive city to live in, but within that designation, you’ll find a variety of costs. Some neighborhoods have monthly rent in the $4,000 range while others are more affordable in the ballpark of $2,000. Lovely has broken down a list of the cheapest and the most expensive neighborhoods to rent in San Francisco.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods

Whether you already live in San Francisco and are curious how your area ranks, or you’re considering moving to the city, take a look at this list of the most expensive and cheapest rents for the City by the Bay:

Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Dogpatch, $4,300

Topping the list of pricey apartments is Dogpatch, a neighborhood on the southeast side of the city near the water. A quarterly report from Lovely revealed that median rental prices rest at $4,300, more than double the cost of rent in other neighborhoods.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - Dogpatch

This area is trendy, acting as a cultural hub for artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs. As such, Dogpatch has attracted residents from across the city who want to live in a bohemian environment.

South Beach, $4,200

A whopping $100 cheaper per month than Dogpatch, apartments in South Beach are still fairly pricey. The neighborhood, located on the city’s northeast side, was once home to warehouses.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - South Beach

Now, those dingy buildings have been remodeled to upscale, luxury lofts. The revitalized apartment scene is mirrored in the shops and restaurants nearby. South Beach is also home to AT&T Park and the San Francisco Giants.

Pacific Heights, $4,200

On the north side of San Francisco, Pacific Heights is filled with Victorian architecture, views of the bay and a peek at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - Pacific Heights

Most of the neighborhood has a residential feel, but the area surrounding Fillmore Street is full of luxury boutiques and beauty shops. The quiet feel, flawless skyline, and classy shopping areas make Pacific Heights an attractive (and expensive) neighborhood to live in.

Potrero Hill, $4,195

With the median rental rate a whole $5 cheaper than in Pacific Heights, Potrero Hill apartments are still a ritzy bunch.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - Potrero Hill

This neighborhood is located near Dogpatch, and is a mix of new and old. From historic manufacturing plants to brand new offices, Potrero Hill is a uniquely blended area.

Panhandle, $4,170

Panhandle is named for Panhandle Park, a lush green space in the neighborhood’s boundaries. The area’s namesake suggests much about its atmosphere, which is quiet and relaxing.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - Panhandle

With it’s vicinity to the park, cozy cafes, and gorgeous architecture, it’s no wonder the rent runs so high in the Panhandle.

Cheapest Neighborhoods

Excelsior, $2,300

If you’re not a San Francisco native, you may look at the rent in this neighborhood and wonder “how is this cheap?” But in comparison to the pricey places, Excelsior looks pretty good.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - Excelsior

Located on the city’s south side, the neighborhood may not have all the glam of other areas, but the rent and easy access to other parts of San Francisco make it appealing to people looking to rent in the city.

Outer Sunset, $2,585

The Outer Sunset neighborhood tends to be overlooked because of its new feel (which isn’t as desirable in a city full of Victorian buildings). However, this area could make a great rental spot.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods Outer Sunset

Located just south of Golden Gate Park, Outer Sunset offers plenty to do and living there is much more affordable than elsewhere in San Francisco.

Richmond District, $2,750

Located directly north of Golden Gate Park, the Richmond District isn’t the most popular neighborhood thanks to the copious amounts of fog that saturate the air.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - Richmond District

However, the Richmond District is still a worthy area, full of outdoor activities and fantastic food.

Central Sunset, $2,787.5

Filled with colorful buildings, plenty of public transit options and parks, Central Sunset makes for a fun and convenient place to live.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - Central Sunset

Though another foggy area, this neighborhood has the peace of suburbia with the accessibility of the city and quick access to lush Golden Gate Park.

Oceanview, $2797.5

Oceanview is located southwest of the city center and has the same suburban feel as Central Sunset. Though a little further out and lacking metropolitan energy, Oceanview has quite a few benefits.

Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods - Oceanview

From lower rent to abundant public transportation, the neighborhood certainly brings in locals looking to rent. Oceanview residents believe rent won’t stay low for long as more people spot the savings possibilities and migrate to the area.

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Cheapest and Most Expensive San Francisco Neighborhoods

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