Posted Dec 31, 2014

How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment

Dust is the silent culprit, making breathing harder by irritating delicate allergies. This lurking villain sits out in the open, cloaking your apartment in particles until you have no choice but to whisk them away.

How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment

However, even if dusting is a regular installment on your chores list, the mites will once again settle, and you will be drawn back to your labors. Really, you should focus on eradicating dustmites so you don’t have to clean as often. Here are some tips for reducing allergens and cleaning necessities so you breathe easier:

Cover Your Pillows

If dust does bother your respiratory system, you should start your banishment endeavors by protecting the area in which you sleep. You spend about eight hours a day laying on your pillow, and if the fibers are clinging to dust, you could inadvertently be making your allergies worse – those sneaky particles!

How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment - Cover Your Pillows

Clear your sleep space of pesky dustmites by purchasing allergy-friendly pillow cases. These covers slip over your pillow under the decorative case and prevent dust from settling. You can also buy a slipcover for your mattress to create a barrier for your bed.

Make sure to clean these cases about twice a year using hot water. Of course, if you spill coffee on your bed or something, you’ll want to clean them more often.

Shield Your Closet

Fibrous material can create dust (just think of the little fuzzies that fall off your sweaters), and your bedroom closet is likely full of them. From extra towels to clothes and hats, closets are a gold mine of dust-generating materials, which is why these spaces tend to get messy quickly.

How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment - Shield Your Closet

Ideally, you want to quarantine your belongings to prevent their fibers from flying all over the closet. You can do this by employing the use of bags and boxes.

Garment Bags: These long cases often made with a plastic material house dresses and coats. They make the perfect vessels for any upscale clothing you have that you want to protect.

I have a few vintage dresses, and I place them in garment bags and hang them in my closet. This way, I know the dresses will maintain their form and they won’t drop fibers all over.

Clear Plastic Bags: The cases you buy your bedding in are ideal for sealing away potentially dust-generating items. Put out-of-season clothing in these bags and stick them on your closet shelf. The rectangular shape of these containers makes them ideal for storage.

Hat Boxes: I love hats. I have three newer ones I like to wear and a couple vintage pieces. I don’t break them out all the time, so in the interim, they sit nicely in hat boxes. These round cases keep the hats in good shape (can’t have anything crushing them and messing up their form) and disallow fibers from creating or trapping dust.

How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment - Hat Boxes

Even if you don’t collect hats like I do, you can use hat boxes to store winter gear, like gloves and scarves.

Wash Your Bedding

Remember how I said your bed can trap dust? Even with allergy slipcovers, your sheets can produce or hold dust like a magnet.How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment - Wash Bedding

Make sure you clean bedding every week to reduce the amount of particles floating around your apartment. That includes pillow cases, duvet covers and throw blankets you may use.

If you don’t feel like dropping quarters on sheets every week just to be rid of dustmites, you can shake out your bedding and whack your pillows. You might even see the particles evanesce from the fabric!

Invest in an Air Purifier

Air purifier appliances come in a variety of models and price ranges, so choose one that fits in your budget. You may want to splurge for a high-end option if you have bad allergies or just really hate dusting – it’s seriously my least favorite chore.

How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment - Get an Air PurifierAir purifiers suck up dust before it settles in your apartment (and hopefully before you breathe it). Select a fan-powered model, as other types of appliances release ozone. Plus, air purifiers are worth spending some extra cash on.

Cut Down on Clutter

Knick-knacks attract dust like Ryan Gosling attracts women, only they aren’t nearly as handsome.How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment - Cut Down on Clutter2Sacrifice a few items from your apartment to reduce the amount of dust. Take some time to declutter your apartment, keeping only the things you really want – some decorations and sentimental objects are essential for happiness.

Apprehend Dust

Your dusting technique may allow particles to escape and cause problems in the future. You need to nip the problem in the bud by using cleaning supplies that truly trap unruly dust.

How to Cut Back on Dusting in Your Apartment - Aprehend Dust

Wet dusting, for instance, helps the particles stick to your cleaning cloth. Tools that rely on electrostatic charge (like Swiffer products) also do the trick. You can also use your vacuum to reach high places, but if you can avoid it, do so. Vacuums tend to blow dust around, creating a veritable storm of allergens.

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