Posted Dec 29, 2014

6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment

I hate my hair after it air-dries (it’s so lifeless and dull), so I need to have a dryer in my apartment at all times. However, I’ve discovered that hair dryers are good for way more than adding volume and drying your locks.

6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment

In fact, they are the perfect tool for performing a variety of life hacks throughout your apartment and making your day to day a little easier – and who can’t use that? Here are new uses for a good old-fashioned hair dryer:

1. Crayon Remover

If you have kids or babysit for others, the walls of your apartment may often serve as canvases. While you may think the drawings of pets and people those kids make are cute and all, your landlord is not going to agree. Fortunately, it’s hair dryer to the rescue!

6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment - Crayon Remover

This is how you get rid of crayon:

  1. Aim the dryer at your wall and blow warm air.
  2. Use a damp sponge and a bit of dish soap to scrub the wall.
  3. No more crayon!

Crayons are made with wax, which is hard to remove once it’s cooled. Warm wax, however, is mailable, which is why you need your blow dryer to get rid of markings. This hack also works on fabric-free furniture.

2. Towel and Sheet Warmer

Winter weather has arrived, which means getting out of the shower is almost painful. Who wants to leave that steamy basin for a freezing hallway? No one!

6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment - Towel and Sheet Warmer

Transform your blow dryer into a towel warmer to wrap yourself in cozy before heading out of the bathroom – it’s like using a towel straight from the dryer. Simply aim your dryer (set on hot) at your towel and shoot.

Keep the dryer a foot or so away from the towel and never use the dryer near water. That means shutting off and draining your shower first.

Slipping into bed in winter is a chilly experience. Those sheets feel more like ice than cotton! Blast the bed with the warm setting of your dryer before crawling under your covers – you’ll be instantly warm and toasty!

3. Sticker Remover

New products generally carry a label or sticker of some kind, which aren’t usually decorative or nice  to look at – I revel in removing price stickers from new books. However, sometimes the adhesive is strong, and bits of paper cling to your belongings. Truly, it’s a perfectionist’s worst nightmare.

6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment - Sticker Remover

Luckily, adhesive, like wax, yields to warmth. Blow your dryer at the sticker for a few seconds then peel the label off without fail.

4. Clothing Dryer/Iron

Way too often, I go to the laundry room of my apartment building just to pull damp clothes out of the dryer. The machine is an old model and doesn’t always do an adequate job, and because I don’t want to fork over more quarters for another run, my apartment becomes a jungle of hanging jeans and shirts.

6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment - Clothing Dryer / Iron

Other times, I find that blouse I want to wear to work is wrinkly (not acceptable). In both cases, I’ve found new uses for my hair dryer: iron and clothing dryer.

Simply blow your dryer on the damp clothes to speed up the process. If your items are wrinkled, spritz them with a bit of water, flatten the garment and use your dryer. This method is great for removing a few smaller wrinkles without pulling out an iron.

5. Candle Wax Cleaner

I know they tell us to use a dish or something under candles to prevent wax from dripping, but I forgot OK? Those little drops of wax sat on my dresser for weeks before I found this hack.

6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment - Candle Wax Cleaner

As with the crayons, you’ll use your hair dryer to warm up the wax, making it more mailable. Once it’s melted, use a paper or fabric towel to wipe away the wax.

This method prevents you from having to scrape the wax away, which can cause damage to your furniture, counters or wood floor.

6. Mirror Clearer

Steamy showers are nice. Steamy mirrors? Not so much.

6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment - Mirror Clearer

If you need to do your makeup or dry your hair, having a fogged mirror is a pain. You can wipe the moisture away with your hand, but that will leave fingerprints. Instead, blow your dryer at the mirror and watch the haze clear.

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6 New Uses for a Hair Dryer in Your Apartment

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