Posted Dec 10, 2014

Tips for Sharing Household Items with Roommates

Living with a roommate offers a number of benefits—you can share living expenses, you have someone to chat with when you get home, and there’s always another person there to help you clean (hopefully). 

Tips for Sharing Household Items with Roommates

Plus, you can save money by sharing household items, from the food in the fridge to the dish soap, toilet paper and paper towels. But sharing isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips to help you and your roommate keep the peace:

Create a List

Post a list on your fridge of all of the household items that are shareable, like laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels, mayonnaise, ketchup and salt and pepper. This way, each roommate is fully aware of what they can and can’t use in the apartment. If you buy something that you would only like for yourself, it’s best that you mark that item as such so that nobody else eats or uses it.

Split the Expenses

You don’t mind sharing the household items that you buy if you know that your roommate will foot the bill the next time around. You can create a chart for who buys what and when for the apartment. This way, one roommate won’t get stuck buying paper towels every week, and the expenses will be evenly shared.

Talk About Problems as They Arise

If you find that your roommate is going through numerous boxes of cereal per week, and you rarely eat cereal, maybe this isn’t an expense that you should be splitting. If you find that the way you’ve divvied up household essentials and expenses isn’t working out, sit down with your roomie and talk about what’s working and what’s not. As long as you continue to keep the lines of communication open, there won’t be any uncomfortable tension between you and your roommates. 

Leave Gentle Reminders

If you’re out of a certain household item that you need, but it’s your roommates turn to buy that particular item, just give them a gentle reminder. Chances are, they didn’t forgo buying something out of spite—they probably just forgot. Put up a note on the fridge or highlight something on the household items list that needs to be restocked.

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Tips for Sharing with Roommates

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