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4 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Ah, Philadelphia! It’s one of the oldest cities in America and primarily known for a cracked bell and cream cheese. If you’re heading for this storied, historic city with your pup or kitten in tow, you’re going to first need to find a place where you can both lay your heads at night.

Fortunately for seekers of pet-friendly apartments, Philadelphia is one of the most exciting places to live in the nation, for pets and people alike. Once you’ve set foot (or paw) in town, you’ll likely never feel a twinge of boredom.

4 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

To help you narrow down the search and focus only on the most welcoming of regions, here are the four most pet-friendly Philadelphia neighborhoods, and a quick spotlight on what each has to offer both humans and animals.

1. Washington Square West

Located in Center City, also called Downtown, Washington Square West is one of the most popular Philadelphia neighborhoods for young adults who are students, entry-level employees or just settling into the professional life.

Plentiful bars, restaurants and boutique shops cater to a youthful, relatively affluent crowd, though there are a number of affordable options as well. Community is real and important; festivals, farmers markets and well-populated parks are as welcoming to people as they are to puppies.

In addition to its historic architecture and pedestrian-friendly streets, Washington Square West also offers animal lovers plenty of park space where they can run around, fetch and play Frisbee on a clear day. There are also dog parks, grooming places and specialty pet food stores so Rex can get coiffed and spoiled all in one trip.

Approximately 34 percent of rentals are cool with four-legged roommates, and this affordable neighborhood has median monthly rent of $1,525.

2. Rittenhouse Square

Bordered on the east by Washington Square West, Rittenhouse Square offers many of the same appealing amenities as its neighbor, including nearby parks (like the eponymous Rittenhouse Square designed by William Penn) and alluring coffee shops and bars.

This desirable neighborhood sings a siren song for tourists as well as residents, with a fair number of luxury apartments and hotels. Of course, that means plenty of new smells for the fur babies every time they go for a walk, and plenty of restaurants are pet-friendly enough to bring Fido a bowl of water if you dine outdoors.

Animal lovers are big business, so the property owners in this region are generally pro-pet. About 41 percent of the rentals here welcome cats and dogs. Adding to the appeal, Rittenhouse Square has a median monthly rent of $1,750, which is right around the middle for these areas.

3. Northern Liberties

Sitting north of Center City, Northern Liberties is truly a pet lover’s paradise. Small parks and green spaces abound, most notably the off-leash dog park Orianna Hill. The Delaware River is just a hop, skip and jump away for big and little dogs alike, and as a human, you can take advantage of the easy access to the Delaware Expressway and nearby public transportation.

Plus, this is an artist’s enclave, with museums, galleries and other goodies, including trendy eateries and bars. This is also where you’ll find the famous doughboy statue, the hallmark of the Northern Liberties neighborhood. Apartment communities cater to the many young professionals who make up this region, and are more than happy to add a pet to the lease.

Approximately 53 percent of rentals are pet-friendly, though the price point is a bit higher. The median rental rate is $1,800.

4. Logan Square

Moving inland, Logan Square is located to the west of Center City and offers easy access to some of the most fascinating, educational and beloved landmarks and locations in Philly. The eerie Mutter Museum, illuminating Franklin Institute and gorgeous Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul are all a stone’s throw away, as is the Schuylkill River (pronounced skoo-kull) where you can see rowers paddling in perfect time.

Logan Square is, understandably, an in-demand area that can charge higher rents; in fact, median monthly rent is $2,100. Though the price may be higher, you’ll get a lot for your buck, and so will your precious fur baby. Nearly 60 percent of apartments are pet friendly, and the shops, restaurants, bars and coffee spots are all quick to welcome both two-legged and four-legged customers.

Philadelphia is a town that believes in embracing life and living it to the fullest. People here are smart, scrappy and ready for more. So, it comes as no surprise that these go-getters also want to share their experiences with furry friends.

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4 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Philadelphia
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