Posted Nov 19, 2014

6 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in San Francisco

It’s official, you’re on the ground floor of an exciting startup with exponential possibility. Time to pack your things, grab your loyal pooch and head to the Bay Area. First order of business: Find a pet-friendly apartment you can call your own.

After all, everyone knows you need a faithful pet by your side to really make a place feel like home. That’s why it’s essential to scout a new living situation that respects your fur baby bond as much as you do. It also means selecting a neighborhood that embraces pet culture with dog parks, animal-friendly businesses and whatever it is cat people need (cat cafes? Internet memes?).

To help narrow down the difficult search, Lovely has put together a list of the top six most pet-friendly neighborhoods in San Francisco.

6 Most Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in San Francisco

South Beach

Encompassing hot spots such as the Moscone Center, AT&T Park and the Ferry Building, South Beach’s typically modern, high-rise living certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to recreational activities for human folk. But what does this neighborhood offer your furry friends?

The first factor of note is the Embarcadero, the perfect promenade for taking your furry munchkin on a daily walk. Also, the number of pet-friendly rentals comes in at over 35 percent, which is higher than most San Francisco neighborhoods.

This is a young, hip area with new movers and shakers in the tech and financial industries, so be prepared for the monthly sticker shock; the median rental price here is approximately $3,803 per month. But don’t worry, there are plenty of fantastic and affordable gourmet treat shops around for you and your pup.


Situated just north of the hippie-turned-hipster scene known as the Haight, the Panhandle is begging for pet owners to settle in and stay awhile. Named after the long, narrow park in its center, this San Francisco neighborhood isn’t hurting for green space where you can enjoy a little Frisbee time or leash training.

Plus, this region has tons of great restaurants that are generally pretty pet-friendly if they offer outdoor seating. Alamo Square, Buena Vista Park and Golden Gate Park are within easy walking distance as well. About 36 percent of apartment rentals will welcome your hirsute children, and the rents are just a hair’s breadth more affordable than South Beach, with a median price of $3,750 per month.


Great public transportation, oodles of bars and a diverse collection of residents help to keep SoMa intriguing. There aren’t as many parks or wide-open green spaces available for Rex; however, that doesn’t stop the locals from brandishing their toy breeds on Mission Street while they grab a breakfast burrito.

In fact, SoMa may have the most dog-friendly dining in the city. Whether you’re craving a pint of beer or a pint of ice cream, nearby options will happily welcome you and your canine of choice. It also helps that almost 38 percent of the apartment buildings here are pro-pet. And as for the rent, this is the most affordable location yet, with a median rent around $3,472 per month.

The Lovely office can also be found in SoMa, and we have several four-legged co-workers—like Ralph the Goldendoodle and Potato the Pug.

The Dogs of Lovely

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is just a wee bit southeast of its next-door neighbor SoMa, and it boasts a very impressive dog park right next to a volleyball court and recreational water facility, so everyone can have a great time. There are also coffee shops, wine bars and artisanal eateries aplenty, including gourmet dog food stores.

Pricing here is about on par (or paw) with South Beach, but far more apartment communities are open to furry roommates. Just shy of 50 percent of the communities welcome pups, kittens and critters, so you should have no difficulty finding one with the right combination of amenities. Keep in mind this is a popular place to live, and therefore median rents hover a little higher at $3,850.

West Portal

West Portal is fairly tucked away and surrounded by nature–things both people and pets tend to like. There are also many appealing, spacious housing options; however, those bigger rentals and lovely views tend to necessitate big purses.

The median rental price here is $6,500, and your pooch probably can’t contribute to the utilities any more than he can the monthly rent. Still, there are lots of dog spas, groomers and specialty shops to nearby to help you pamper your darling. More than 57 percent of communities welcome pets; just be and sure to check for any breed restrictions.


Perfectly named and endlessly welcoming, Dogpatch is a burgeoning neighborhood located a hop, skip and a jump south of Mission Bay. As a result, this region has the same access to great dog-friendly eateries, dog parks and specialty stores as Mission Bay, plus the pet-acceptance rate is through the roof–over 66 percent.

As for you and other humans, Dogpatch has the usual assortment of eateries, an indoor rock climbing gym and seriously impressive historic homes. Sleepy, safe and artistic, it’s an ideal place for pet families to settle and enjoy the finer things in life with less of the glitz and schmoozing found elsewhere. The median rental rate sits at about $4,287.

San Francisco tends to be a pretty welcoming city in general, with a broad range of people calling it home. This diversity extends to furry citizens, and the city has numerous options that cater to them. If you know of a great San Francisco neighborhood to bring a pooch, share your recommendations with us in the comments, or tag us @Lovely on Twitter.

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6 Most Pet-Friendly San Francisco Neighborhoods
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