Posted Nov 17, 2014

6 Apps to Make Party Planning a Breeze

Organizing a party, small or large, at your apartment is no easy feat. From figuring out the guest list and sending out invitations to making sure that you have enough variety in your menu to satisfy all your guests, party planning can quickly become overwhelming.

6 Apps That Make Party Planning a Breeze

Whether you want to celebrate a new job, the holiday season or host a housewarming get-together, there are some awesome apps out there that help you party plan like a pro. To save you the trouble of sifting through hundreds of apps, Lovely has put together a list of the best ones. Put them to use, and enjoy headache-free party planning.

1. Paperless Post

The Paperless Post app is a handy app for designing custom invitation cards for your party and sending out invites online. Paperless Post offers thousands of card designs in addition to partner content from top designers such as Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta and Jonathan Adler.

You can choose from 86 templates or your own photos as the backdrop for your invitation card. To make it easier to keep track of everything, Paperless Post allows you to send messages to people on your guest list, and the event page lets you manage RSVPs, photos and event comments.

2. Allrecipes

Allrecipes provides you with a convenient way of finding a wide variety of recipes for your party. Named by Time magazine as one of 50 Best Apps in 2012, Allrecipes allows you to search by ingredient so you can make use of what you already have in the fridge.

You can also search by dietary preferences to make sure that your vegetarian friends have something to eat as well. If can’t find a recipe, shaking your phone will offer surprise recipe suggestions, including vegetarian and gluten-free variants. You can share the recipes with your friends via email, Twitter and Facebook.

3. Instacart

Fighting over the last parking spot in the lot and waiting in long lines is a thing of the past. Buying everything you need for a party has never been this easier, thanks to the Instacart app. After you enter your ZIP code, Instastart will give you a list of all the stores you can order from, such as Costco, Safeway and Whole Foods.

With this app you can get items such as fruit, meat, snacks, paper plates, paper towels and even toilet paper. You can also save your favorite items for future reference and add specific instructions to save you the hassle of searching through the app every time you order.

If your must-have snack or drink is not listed in the app, you can make a special request so you’ll never have to go without. Instacart will have everything on your list delivered to you, and you can even set a time for your items to arrive.

4. Listary

Listary is a great app for making different types of lists–grocery, to-do, etc.–which can be shared with whomever you please. This list is ideal for party planners because it allows them to compile grocery, guest and to-do lists all in one place. You can even use it for guests to sign up for a potluck!

Multiple items can be starred, deleted, moved, checked and shared with a single tap for added convenience. The app also boasts a simple and interactive interface, so don’t worry about a troublesome learning curve.

5. Spartify

Picking the music for your party is never an easy task because there’s always that one person who will judge your taste in music. Instead of spending hours looking through your music files for songs that everyone will like, use Spartify, which is a clean and easy-to-use mobile web app that allows guests to select songs for the playlist.

Partygoers receive an access code that allows them to get to the app using their mobile phones. They can browse songs to add to the queue or recommend (plus-one) songs already on the list. Spartify also automatically plays songs similar to those on the collaborative playlist when there are no new requests. Users must install the Spotify app to enjoy the Spartify functionality.

6. Heads Up!

The Heads Up! app is based on the hilarious game played on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Gameplay covers a variety of challenges, including naming celebrities, guessing cards held by opponents and identifying different accents.

Spice up your holiday season parties by playing one of the games with your friends and family. HeadsUp’s deck categories include animals, celebrities, accents, movies, characters and many more, which means everyone can play. HeadsUp can be played with one or hundreds of opponents at the same time so it’s great for parties of all sizes.

Party planning can be a handful, but making use of the best apps for planning can help streamline your activities and prevent event hiccups. Which apps do you use when planning the ultimate get-together? Share your party-planning tips with us on Twitter.

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6 Apps to Make Party Planning a Breeze

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