Posted Nov 10, 2014

How to Host a Friendsgiving

When young adults move on from college and start to establish themselves on a career path, it’s quite common that they’ll find themselves hundreds or thousands of miles away from mom and dad. If you’re away from your family this Turkey Day, host a Friendsgiving dinner!

Friendsgiving is about getting together with good friends and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and celebration. The most unique element of this holiday is how it varies from one group to another. Have a creative spark? Let it loose.

How to Host a Friendsgiving

So, how do you host a great Friendsgiving? It’s all about capturing the spirit of Thanksgiving and friendship in the form of food, decorations, setting and entertainment. But remember, this isn’t your grandmother’s holiday. Here’s how to host a great Friendsgiving dinner:

Cooking Dinner

Remember all the awesome Thanksgiving episodes on “Friends?” Of course you do. When you are hosting a party, use them as your inspiration. After all, in many ways Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Ross were responsible for the first public Friendsgivings.

The first time we see the “Friends” gang sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner together, Monica has taken it upon herself to cook all their favorites–including three kinds of potatoes. Unfortunately, the mashed potatoes, tater tots, whipped potatoes with peas and onions, turkey, yams and stuffing were burned to a crisp that year. The lesson? Don’t take your eye off the Butterball.

Most people really enjoy a holiday meal that incorporates many of the traditional food items. Think turkey, tofurky, mashed potatoes, yams or sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and gravy. If you are a little leery of cooking every single item, why not spread out the work? Assign dishes to each person willing and able to help to ease your burden as host. It’s imperative that you plan ahead so that everyone has enough to eat and there are plenty of dishes to choose from.

Holiday Decorations

There are two basic ways that you can approach the decor for Friendsgiving–with an eclectic touch or a refined elegance.

An eclectic setting is fun and easy to prepare for any home or dining room. Anything from paper turkeys to orange candles will fit into this type of decorating scheme. You and your friends can spend some of your creative energy making wild ornaments to hang on the fridge, frame on the walls or scatter along the dining table.

As for elegant Friendsgiving dining, think matching glassware, ceramic plates and cloth napkins. Throw in a matching tablecloth, and you’re ready to go. Elegant dining doesn’t rely on a huge space or even flawless cutlery, so if your apartment is lacking in these elements, go for simple elegance. Candles, napkins and a fall color scheme will go a long way. Soft, non-lyrical music in the background can also help you get into a classier state of mind.

Whether you choose an elegant or eclectic theme for your dinner, all you need is some color and a few decorations to get into the holiday spirit.

Here’s to Friendsgiving!

When the decorating is finished, the food is on the table, and your friends have gathered for a home-cooked feast, it’s time to sit back and enjoy yourself. One of the great things about hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for friends instead of family is that there is less pressure to have everything be perfect. Your rowdy little cousins aren’t tearing up the living room, and your aunts aren’t fighting over something that happened 20 years ago. It’s all about you and your own journey in life.

Have you hosted Friendsgiving in the past, or are you planning a meal this year? Are you whipping up a traditional meal, or have you and your friends created a completely new menu for the holiday? We’d love to hear about it. Tag @Lovely on Twitter and share your experience.

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How to Host a Friendsgiving Dinner Party

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