Posted Oct 20, 2014

Washington, D.C. City Spotlight

You’ve just landed your dream job in Washington, D.C., and taken a look at the rental market online. No need to panic about the overwhelming number of options and the decisions you have to make. We’ve got you covered with the best advice on moving to Washington, D.C.–the best places to shop, eat, and play so you can feel at home right away.

About the Washington, D.C. Area

Washington, D.C. City SpotlightWhile known as the seat of the federal government, Washington, D.C. is also an important global player. The immediate area, including parts of Maryland and Virginia, is home to hundreds of embassies, think-tanks and excellent universities, as well as international organizations, nonprofits, and humanitarian groups. The defense industry as well as the biotech and high-tech industries are also prominent players in the D.C. market.

The area is growing–and fast. Thousands of D.C. apartments have been added, hundreds of new restaurants have opened, well-planned bike lanes have been installed, and an updated trolley system is making areas accessible.

The Vibe of Washington, D.C.

Washington DC Vibe

The vibe of the city is diverse, dynamic and fast-paced. It may seem that everyone works a lot, but the area is also known for abundant green space and culture. D.C. is home to famous and free museums and monuments, but the neighborhoods also radiate a multicultural vibe with local festivals, fairs and ethnic food.

Washingtonians work hard and play hard. Friday night is all about unwinding at the local bar or hitting the latest hot spots, like the trendy Ibiza in the NoMa neighborhood. But despite the partying, people in D.C. take their health seriously and often use the trails winding through Rock Creek Park and the quiet neighborhood streets to their full advantage. D.C. consistently makes many “fittest city” lists.

The young and ambitious get D.C. humming, and with a professional and single population above the national average, D.C. is a place to get out and see what life is all about.


Washington DC - Transportation

One of the most advanced public transportation systems in the U.S. supports the D.C. metropolitan area. The system boasts subways, buses and streetcar lines. Zipcars and bike shares are everywhere for people who don’t want to commit to their transportation. Plentiful bike lanes make biking in D.C. sometimes faster than driving or the subway, also called the Metro.

D.C. Neighborhoods

Logan Circle: Logan Circle is self contained and walkable, with everything you need within easy reach. Whole Foods, Logan Hardware and pharmacies provide the essentials.

Washington DC - Logan Circle

Go to Number Nine for martinis and Le Diplomate on Sunday morning for breakfast, and use the nice green space of the circle for a well-rounded life.

Chinatown: Chinatown provides housing options such as the Meridian, which is like a post-grad dorm for young professionals.

Washington DC - Chinatown

The rooftop bar makes a night out easy, and while Chinatown doesn’t have everything, its central location makes the rest of the city a quick cab ride away.

Columbia Heights: Young people like Columbia Heights, one of the fastest-changing areas of the city. Thanks to the opening of the Metro station at 14th Street and Irving, the area has undergone a redevelopment including the DC USA mall with Washington’s only Target and other chain stores, such as Best Buy.

Washington DC - Columbia Heights

But people who loathe chain stores won’t be disappointed because 14th Street and its quainter cousin 11th Street offer plenty of independently owned dining and shopping options such as Pho 14, Wonderland Bar and Columbia Heights Coffee.

Dupont Circle: Dupont Circle may have it all. Restaurants and bars, such as Veritas and Fox and Hounds, as well as more low-key options, including the mainstay Kramerbooks with its popular coffee shop keep this neighborhood trendy. Grocery stores, hardware stores and all amenities can be found on the spurs surrounding the circle, and the Metro (subway) station is a short walk from apartments on the circle’s quiet tree-lined streets.

Washington DC - Dupont Circle

Young people are flocking to Washington, D.C., and the city is keeping up with them. Plenty of apartments for rent, jobs, diverse restaurants, nightlife, shopping and solid public transportation make this an exciting time to be on the move.

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