Posted Jul 14, 2014

Share Lovely and Ride Home with Lyft!


This week, we’re thrilled to launch the “Share Lovely and Ride Home with Lyft” program in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Houston, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Dallas. Beginning today, if you live in these cities and share Lovely with friends, you will be rewarded a free ride home with Lyft – the leading ridesharing app that matches community drivers with passengers in need of a ride.

Consider this new program a “thank you” from the Lovely team. Here at Lovely, we attribute our success and growth to you – our loyal community – and want to give back by providing the amazing Lyft experience to our renters.

So, how does the “Share Lovely and Ride Home with Lyft” program work? Lovely users will be granted a unique promotional code to share with an unlimited number of friends for the opportunity to earn up to 5 credits at a value of $50. When Lovely users in any of the designated markets share Lovely with their friends, both the original Lovely user and his or her friend will immediately receive a $10 Lyft credit upon signing up for Lovely on iOS or Android. Both parties can redeem their Lyft credits on Lyft for iOS or Android.

We’re thrilled to celebrate Lovely’s huge achievements to date and that success ultimately comes down to building strong, loyal communities. So, whether you’re off to an open house for your next rental or just headed home, Lovely and Lyft will take you there.

For more information on the “Share Lovely and Ride Home with Lyft” program, check out:



Blake is the founder and CEO of Lovely.

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