Posted Feb 20, 2014

Want the Chance to Win One Month of Free Rent? Enter the Pay with Lovely Giveaway!


Another year has come and gone, which means 2014 resolutions are well underway. For renters across the U.S. this may mean keeping your apartment tidy, making an effort to meet a new neighbor or paying your rent on time every month.

At Lovely, we want to simplify your rental experience so that you can enjoy every moment spent at home. To help make your life as a renter a little easier, and perhaps kick-start one of your own resolutions, we invite you to participate in the Pay with Lovely Rent Giveaway!

The Pay with Lovely Giveaway is a chance for you to win one month of free rent so you can put your hard earned dollars to other worthy causes and get 2014 on the right financial track.

How It Works

If you rent anywhere in the U.S., you can win a free month’s rent courtesy of Lovely when you sign up to automate your monthly rent payments using our new tool, Pay with Lovely. It’s free for you to use and eliminates the need for paper checks, calendar reminders, trips to the bank and late fees. To celebrate the launch of Pay with Lovely, we will be giving away one month of free rent, up to $2,500 per winner, to renters who send at least one rent payments using Pay with Lovely by March 31, 2014. To reward households with multiple renters using Pay with Lovely, if a winner is selected from a household with multiple renters using Pay with Lovely, we will include as all winners all renters in that household, up to $5,000 per winning household. We will draw a minimum of four winners: one from San Francisco, one from Los Angeles, one from New York City and one winner from outside those three cities.


  • Enter to win 1 month of free rent by signing up for Pay with Lovely from now, through March 31, 2014. To be eligible to win, you must make at least one rent payment by March 31, 2014.
  • Earn 1 additional entry per day when you share the Pay with Lovely Giveaway with friends on Facebook and Twitter. To qualify for an additional entry, participants must tag @Lovely, include a link to the Pay with Lovely sign up page, and use the hashtag, #PaywithLovely. See below for sample entry:
    • Goodbye checkbook! Automate your rent payments w #PaywithLovely & be entered to win a free month’s rent from @lovely

But, Why Does Lovely Want to Pay My Rent?

It’s our mission to make the entire experience of renting a home simple, fast and stress-free and a major part of that experience is paying your rent each and every month. As a team of renters, we understand that paying your rent every month comes with a lot of frustration; from writing a paper check every month, to chasing down roommates for their share of the rent, to making trips to the bank and encountering late fees, the process of paying rent is time-consuming and tedious.

It is our hope that the solutions Lovely offers, including our rent payments tool Pay with Lovely, streamline the experience of being a renter, so you can get back to enjoying your life in your home. The Pay with Lovely Giveaway is a chance for our team to give back and say thanks to all of you who continue to show support by using our products and share constructive feedback about how we can make your rental experience better.

So sign up today, and share the Pay with Lovely Giveaway with friends and family to earn additional entries for your chance to win free rent for a month!

For more information about eligibility and winner selection, check out the Pay with Lovely Giveaway Terms and Conditions.


Elizabeth Pullman


Elizabeth oversees Marketing at Lovely. It is her goal to make sure every single person nationwide knows about Lovely and Lovely Pro!

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  1. Jack says:

    Why would I give you my bank information? All of your listings are scams.

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