Posted Nov 4, 2013

What’s New on Lovely?

Hint: A lot.

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At Lovely, we’re always thinking about how we can improve the experience of being a renter. A major part of that experience is finding and securing a place you’re proud to call home. To better serve you as renters and help you through the rental process, we bring you the completely redesigned Lovely! We’ve rebuilt our site from the ground up to deliver not only the most complete set of apartment and home rental search tools available, but also to include the fastest and easiest way to submit rental applications online and secure your home, Apply with Lovely.

Our new site introduces a tablet friendly design and increased speed across the site so you have access to the best experience from wherever you conduct your apartment search. You’ll notice improvements to our core functionalities including advanced search and Alerts, along with many brand new features. Every part of the new design is aimed at making the process of renting an apartment faster, simpler and completely stress-free.

So, what exactly is new on Lovely? We’ll take you through some of the new and improved features of our site so you can be sure to leverage all of the tools Lovely offers and land your new home quickly and easily!

Navigation Menu

Easily navigate between your active search, Alerts and Lovely Inbox using this menu found at the top of your screen. Access and edit your Renter Card and Account Settings from the drop down in the righthand corner of this menu. We strongly encourage you complete your Renter Card with your rental criteria and credentials and attach it to messages you send landlords to help you stand out, establish a personal connection early on and increase landlord response rates.


We’ve streamlined the apartment search experience to put what you care about most, available rental listings, front and center. Focus your search using Lovely’s advanced search filters and get feedback instantly as available rental listings populate on the map automatically, no refreshing needed! Once you’ve entered your desired search criteria, collapse the filters to get an even clearer picture of available listings in your geographic area of interest. As always, fresh listings are color coded so you know exactly what is new on market.



Alerts have been one of the most powerful tools renters like you use to act quickly as soon as new listings of interest become available. In fact we send over 30,000 alerts a day! Because alerts are such critical tools as you conduct your apartment search, we’ve optimized them even further.

After you click the ‘Create Alert from Search’ button beneath your search filters, you’ll have the option of adjusting the parameters your alert includes by specific area or by neighborhood. So, if you have very specific location criteria in mind you may want to select Area to include just a few square blocks. Alternatively, if you are more open minded to where you might want to live, select Neighborhood and include the all neighborhoods you’d be open to residing in.

You’ll notice we provide an estimate of how many rental listings you can expect to be appear daily as a result of each alert as you save it. This feedback is a way to help you gauge if you need to broaden or narrow your rental search criteria.

As soon as a new listing becomes available that meets your needs, we’ll send you an email and push notification (if you have Lovely for iPhone installed) so that you can act fast on listings you care most about.


You can view the results of all the alerts you set in the new Alerts tab of your menu. Click on an individual alert to see all available rental listings within the given criteria. You’ll see the number of fresh listings highlighted next to each alert name.


Listing Pages

We’ve designed each listing page to provide as much information about the apartment or rental home you’re viewing as possible, including a greater emphasis on photos and amenities each listing offers. Use Street View to get a virtual neighborhood tour and check out the listing’s local surroundings. If you’re searching with roommates, or just want to show off an awesome place with your family and friends, you can share the listing information with as many people as you’d like.

Message landlords directly from listing pages by clicking on the ‘Contact’ button. We strive to give you as much information about who you are contacting, so wherever possible you’ll see a photo of the landlord, or a logo of the company that manages the rental property, along with job title and contact info. Don’t forget to attach your Renter Card which allows the landlord to see your credentials upfront, helping you to stand out, establish an immediate connection and increase response rates!


Lovely Inbox

Brand new to the Lovely platform is Lovely Inbox, where you can keep track of listings you’ve marked as Favorite, message landlords and view all ongoing correspondence, as well as apply for apartments directly and monitor the status of submitted applications.

To help focus your search even further, Lovely populates the Matched section of your Lovely Inbox with properties where landlords have indicated a preference for renters with your credentials.

Click on any available rental listing in the Favorites section of your Lovely Inbox to view your history with that property, such as when you first shared your Renter Card or requested an application, and communicate directly. Lovely Inbox seamlessly syncs your correspondence regardless of the device you use. So, if you favorite a listing and contact the landlord from your phone while commuting, when you sign into your Lovely account from home, your message will automatically be displayed here.


Once you’re ready to apply for the apartment, you can do so directly from your Lovely Inbox using Apply with Lovely. After you’ve gone through the application process once, submit applications to every property after that with a single click! For more information about Apply with Lovely and for a step-by-step process of how it works, check out our previous post, Introducing Apply with Lovely!

We hope the new features we’ve introduced today help streamline and simplify your search for a new home. Please contact us with any questions about Lovely’s new design, or anything else at

Happy Hunting!


Elizabeth is the Communications & Marketing Lead at Lovely where she helps spread the word about Lovely's mission far and wide. She loves corgis, Beyonce and helping renters enjoy the best possible experience in their homes.

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