Posted Nov 4, 2013

Introducing (drumroll please) Apply with Lovely!

For renters, the apartment hunt doesn’t end once you find a place you love and would like to pursue. In fact, it’s only half the battle. We know the process of applying for and actually securing your dream rental listing can be just as painful as searching for it. As a team of renters, we’ve been there; filling out the same information on multiple paper application forms, scrambling to compile landlord reference letters, rushing home to complete a rental application and racing back to submit it before anyone else.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Apply with Lovely, the easiest way to submit a rental application online! Apply with Lovely makes Lovely the only place where you can not only find, but also apply for and secure your home within a single platform, saving you valuable time during your hunt and delivering all the tools you need to manage the rental application process in one place.

In competitive rental markets across the country, it is crucial to act quickly during the application process if you hope to secure the home of your dreams, so we designed Apply with Lovely to help you do just that. Rather than go through the traditionally tedious, time consuming process of applying for an apartment, fill out an application once through Apply with Lovely and submit every application thereafter with a single click, from any mobile device, tablet or on the web.

It’s really that simple! Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at how it works.

Upon logging into Lovely, click the drop down menu under your photo to access your Account Settings and complete your Renter Card details and References including your rental criteria and credentials and landlord history. Once this information is completed the first time it is stored in your rental application so you won’t have to worry about it again!

acct setting

As you conduct your search for the perfect apartment or home rental, be sure to take advantage of Alerts to get notified as soon as new rental listings that meet your needs become available. Once you find a listing you’d like to pursue, or you get alerted to one, contact the landlord to set up a time to see the unit in person.  Your communication with landlords is automatically tracked in your Lovely Inbox for easy reference regardless of the device you use to contact the property.


After checking out the apartment in person and confirming it is indeed the home of your dreams, it’s now time to apply! If the landlord is also a Lovely user and has a listing flyer on hand for you, simply scan the QR code found on the flyer or open from any mobile device and enter the code. If the landlord is not a Lovely user yet, you can simply click the ‘Ask Owner for Application’ button directly from your Lovely Inbox.

Since this is your first time submitting an application through Apply with Lovely, you’ll be prompted to answer a few simple questions so that our partner, Experian, can verify your identity. Every application you send through Apply with Lovely is a flat fee of $20 and comes complete with an Experian credit report sent directly to the landlord, streamlining the time consuming and costly tenant verification process so you don’t have to worry about getting a rental credit check every time you apply.

After successfully completing this process the first time, every application you send from then on can be done with a single click. So, while at a viewing or open house, you can apply with one tap from your mobile phone or tablet and leave with peace of mind knowing your application is first in line and you’re one step closer to securing your home!


Once the landlord has reviewed your rental application form details and Experian credit report, decided that you are an ideal tenant and extended an offer, you can accept the offer directly from your Lovely Inbox.


The only thing left to do is celebrate! You’ve successfully secured your home without completing pages of paper rental application forms, scanning credit check documents or scrambling to compile landlord reference letters and credit history.

Ultimately, we want to improve the experience of being a renter throughout every phase of the process. Apply with Lovely brings us one step closer to that goal by enabling you to secure your home faster and easier than ever before. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about using Apply with Lovely, or anything else, at


Elizabeth is the Communications & Marketing Lead at Lovely where she helps spread the word about Lovely's mission far and wide. She loves corgis, Beyonce and helping renters enjoy the best possible experience in their homes.

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  1. CALawFirm says:

    Does LiveLovely have a California Real Estate Broker’s License? Otherwise how is it legal for LiveLovely to process rental applications?

    Also how does LiveLovely provide adverse action notices as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

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