Posted Sep 12, 2013

Top Ways to Enlist Help on Your Moving Day – San Francisco Edition

Moving is a drag. You have to pack every one of your worldly possessions, label boxes, carry couches and load up trucks just to unpack everything and organize your new place. It’s an exhausting, daunting process but if you play your cards right you can successfully enlist the help of friends, neighbors, family and co workers to help make your move faster, easier and less overwhelming.

San Francisco renters, we’ve listed below surefire ways to entice some extra muscle for your move. Have other advice for securing moving support in SF? Let us know @Lovely or in the comments below.


Beer, lots of beer. Pro tip: stock up on growlers of seasonal brews from Magnolia or 21st Amendment to ensure maximum moving support. Is it strong beer month yet?

Hold your crew’s place in line for brunch every Sunday for a month. What a better way to show your gratitude than taking one for the team and waiting in line for an epic brunch at Zazie, Outerlands, Plow et al.

Treat pals to a movie at Kabuki. $12 movie tickets are well worth it for the extra muscle, plus you can enjoy walking through the bamboo forest and into plush recliner theater seats along with your friends.

Take care of all the costume preparation for next year’s Bay to Breakers. Are breaded cats still a thing?

image (5)

Create a killer playlist your group can jam to on moving day by making it collaborative. Set up your laptop in a centralized location of your place and use Spotify so friends and family can add songs as they come and go throughout the day.

Sweeten the deal by offering to pick up and drop off everyone involved on moving day. If you don’t have a car, rent one for a few hours or the whole day using Zipcar or City Car Share. The rental can also act as secondary moving support to help shuttle items that didn’t make it onto the moving truck to your new place.

Burritos for all! Preferably of the super variety.

Always, always return the favor. At the end of the moving day, you’ll be settled into a great new place while your pals will just be sweaty, tired and sore. So, when the time comes when you’re called on, whether it’s helping with a move, pet sitting, driving a friend to the airport, or any other random favor that may be asked for you, do it.

Happy Moving!


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  1. James Harrison says:

    Great tips!! Moving is really time consuming & stress free task for everyone. So, be creative in each steps of moving & stay away from any moving stress.

  2. BreadedCats says:

    Breaded cats = great costume

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