Posted Jul 18, 2013

Apartment Hunting Tactic: Using Mobile Alerts

If you’ve gone through the process of searching for a rental, or are currently hunting for one, you know exactly how crucial it is to act quickly and stay one step ahead of the competition in order to land your next home. We’ve already discussed how setting alerts will ensure you never miss a listing and also how using your Renter Card can help you stand out and establish a personal connection with landlords. We realize you may not always be conducting your search from a computer, so in this post we’ll take you through the process of setting mobile alerts on Lovely’s mobile app, a powerful way to take your search on-the-go and act quickly from wherever you are. It’s our hope that by understanding how best to leverage mobile alerts you’ll be able to land the home of your dreams from the palm of your hand!

Step One: Set your search criteria

To get started, you’ll need to indicate your rental criteria. From the main search screen, click the Filters button located in the top left. From here, input your ideal location, price range, number of bedrooms and pet and photo preferences. Click the orange Search button in the top right to see all available listings that meet this criteria.


Step Two: Create Alert

Your search results will now show all available listings that meet your criteria. From this screen, click the Create Alert button, found second from the right in the top toolbar. You can drag and zoom the search parameters according to your exact location preferences. For example, if you have very specific location criteria you can zoom in to include just a few blocks, or zoom out to include several neighborhoods if you’re more flexible on location.


Click the orange Create button in the top right to name and save your alert. On this screen, you’ll notice an option to allow landlord invitations. Selecting “on” means that when landlords post a listing that matches the criteria set in your alert, they’ll immediately receive a redacted version of your Renter Card, allowing them to easily invite you to view the property. To protect your privacy, your full name and employer remain hidden until you accept the landlord’s invitation.

By getting your credentials in front of landlords as soon as they post listings to market, you’re able to stay well-ahead of the game and increase your chances of landing your next home quickly.

New to Lovely’s mobile experience is the ability to edit your Renter Card directly in the app. Just click the Renter Card button in the bottom left toolbar to edit your renter credentials on-the-go and connect faster with landlords from wherever you are.


Step Three: Review notifications and contact properties

With your alert now set, you’ll receive a push notification and/or email as soon as a new listing that meets your needs becomes available. To review properties that match your criteria, click the Alerts button in the bottom toolbar. Once you’ve identified a listing you’d like to pursue from the list of matching properties, you can contact the property with a single click.

Be sure to attach your Renter Card to your message to establish a personal connection with the landlord and increase landlord response rates.


And there you have it, your complete guide to using mobile alerts! By following these steps, you’ll be able to act quickly and efficiently, get your information in front of landlords and communicate directly, and most importantly, secure your next home.

Happy hunting!


Elizabeth is the Communications & Marketing Lead at Lovely where she helps spread the word about Lovely's mission far and wide. She loves corgis, Beyonce and helping renters enjoy the best possible experience in their homes.

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