Posted Apr 20, 2012

The Scoop: Rentals for the Whole Family

Not just college kids and twenty-somethings need a place to live! What about those hip parents who want to stay in the city with their bundles of joy? Today we bring you several rentals we think would be perfect for your growing brood.

176 Rhodes Ct. (San Jose) | 4 bedrooms | $3,400

Image of 176 Rhodes Court San Jose

This actual house near actual downtown San Jose looks pretty awesome. You’re close to HP Pavilllon for Sharks games, Caltrain for taking the baby bullet into the city, and within walking (or strolling) distance to restaurants and shops downtown. It’s modern and includes custom touches like a fireplace and granite counters. It’s even got a backyard perfect for Junior’s first Labradoodle!

3841 26th St (San Francisco) | 3 bedrooms | $3,750

This 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom flat is in family-friendly Noe Valley. It’s got carpet (great for small people just learning to walk), in-unit laundry (great for people who happen to get spit up on all the time) and there’s a trampoline in the back yard (great for thrill-seekers/emergency room lovers). That one bathroom might get a little tight as the little ones grow up, but on the bright side, it means less to clean. It’s charming, has great light, and is in a great neighborhood — get to the open house this Saturday, April 21 11:00am-1:30pm or Sunday, April 22 11:00am-2:00pm.

2238 N Racine Ave (Chicago) | 6 bedrooms | $4,800

Photo of 2238 North Racine Ave Chicago

If you’ve got a large family that includes live-in help, this 6 bedroom is the place for you. It’s even got plenty of bathrooms – 2 full and 2 half – to accommodate all the potty-trained humans. Its got plenty of room and some great outdoor space with a backyard and deck. You’re in a good spot very close to the grocery store for Bagel Bites and Capri Sun runs, and it’s also across the street from a small park.


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