Posted Apr 13, 2012

You’ve Made It! Fancy Pants Rentals for Budding Tycoons

One of our favorite things to do is find apartments that are deal or bargains, but sometimes it’s fun to think about what we would get if money was no object and we wanted to hob-nob with high society. We’re not entirely sure why you’d spend this much to rent, but let’s take a look at the fun you could have on a 12 month lease.

Via Marina and Ocean Front Walk (Marina Del Ray) | 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms | $6,500

Photo of Marina Del Rey Rental Apartment

This ocean-front loft in Marina Del Ray will get plenty of attention from boardwalk-joggers wondering what nouveau-riche TV star has just moved in. We love the modern take on a white surf shack and wouldn’t turn down an invitation to barbecue something fancy on the deck. If you deign to leave, you’re within walking distance of plenty of restaurants to be seen at, up on via Marina.

N Astor St and E Schiller St (Chicago) | 6 bedrooms | $8,000

Photo of Rental Apartment on North Astor Street in Chicago

This huge apartment on Chicago’s Gold Coast even brags about being “home to many of Chicago’s most wealthy and well-to-do people.” There’s also a wood-paneled study just aching to smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books — this is a place to grow out your mustache and light up your pipe. Other perks: a gym, a pool, and some strict security keeping out the commoners.

Pacific Ave and Baker St (San Francisco) | 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms | $9,000

Photo of rental apartment at Pacific Ave and Baker St. in san Francisco

We couldn’t find you a rental on Billionaire’s Row, but we did find this one just a block away! This penthouse condo comes complete with wine storage, perfect for taking a glass next to the cozy fireplace. You’re just a few blocks from the Lyon Street steps, and also close to the Presidio if you need to commune with nature without leaving the city. We are surprised you don’t get any of your own outdoor space – for nine grand a month, we think you should have a killer roof deck. Let us know if you discover one.


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