Posted Apr 2, 2012

Visualize Yourself Here: Cool Tools to Help Setup and Personalize your Apartment

Whether you’ve found the perfect apartment or you’re trying to decide if an apartment is perfect for you, two things can really help you out in both instances: deciding what colors would really make the rental “yours” and determining whether your furniture will actually fit.

These are two two tools that I actually used when getting ready to move into my apartment, and I wanted to share them as I think they can help both apartment-searchers and those who have already found their dream place really visualize how the home will look after they move in.

Image - Pottery Barn Room Planner

Pottery Barn Room Planner

The first is Pottery Barn’s Room Planner. I’m sure there are other tools out there which do the same thing, but I had faith that PB had pretty standard furniture sizing and I liked how fairly easy it was to use. Armed with room measurements, you can drop in pieces of furniture and see whether your king size bed will indeed fit in next to your oversized desk and antique armoire. Not only that, but it’s a great tool before move-in day so you can show you movers (or friends being paid in pizza and beer) just exactly where that grand piano goes.


Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

The other is Benjamin-Moore’s Personal Color Viewer. Got pictures from a listing or even pictures you took yourself at the open house? You can easily select the wall area you want to paint and experiment all you please with a Sex and the City “Red Wall” or something boring like Eggshell. Of course, it won’t be perfect, but it’s easier than buying the store out of samples. That said, make sure your landlord is okay with paint or you’ll end up with a broken heart set on “Sparrow Tears” without the ability to make it happen.

Furniture and paint can both be deciding factors in a rental feeling like home.

Do you have any other tools out the on the Internet you’ve found for helping you visualize your future home?


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2 responses to “Visualize Yourself Here: Cool Tools to Help Setup and Personalize your Apartment”

  1. Finding the perfect apartment for you is challenging, not to mention the packing and moving dilemmas that you need to face to have everything settled so that you will feel comfortable in your new place. With this, customizing your pad might need some pointers so that you will be able to maximize the area and have that cozy feel that you have always wanted.

  2. Arry Stark says:

    Nothing like doing an hunt for apartments for rent in Fort Worth just having moved with a baby and couch-surfing! I’ve been scouring the ads for possibilities! Thank goodness for all the good listings!

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