Posted Mar 23, 2012

The Scoop: Let There Be Light!

If there’s anything I’ve heard multiple times from my mother, it’s that I should make sure an apartment has great light. And it’s true, great natural light can turn a basic apartment into a real beauty queen. Here’s a few apartments around Lovely Nation which are great examples of natural light at its finest.


9 Vicksburg (San Francisco) | 1 bedroom | $2,400

This adorable apartment has light streaming in and a giant picture window to take in any sunny San Francisco days. Dishwasher, laundry, and hardwood are just gravy after you’ve taken in the views of Potrero and the East Bay.

16 Clubhouse (Los Angeles) | Studio | $1,600

What about wrap-around windows doesn’t get your heart beating a little bit? This studio on the beach in Venice is simple but has the most important stuff going on: location, views, and light. Totally charming.

7th St NW and E St NW (Washington DC) | 1 bedroom | $2,895

How about some floor to ceiling windows? We think that should let in enough natural light to keep anyone happy. This fancy pants totally-furnished apartment has luxury features like maid service, parking, and 24-hour security. Oh, and a rooftop pool. Yeah, that’s one way to get a little natural light. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.

Is a lot of sunlight a must-have for you? Or, are you content with a darker unit and a few good floor lamps?


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