Posted Feb 20, 2012

Apartment in Chief: San Francisco Rentals Fit for a President

Thanking your lucky stars that you didn’t have to go into work today? Today we salute a couple of old dudes who were born in February by looking at some super-swank fancy SF rentals fit to be swarmed by secret service and visiting dignitaries.


Pacific & Laurel (San Francisco) | Three Bedrooms/Two bathrooms | $10,000
What better place to start than a national park? This single family home on the Presidio has 3-bedrooms and plenty of space for the first family. It has a great location by a playground and tennis courts, and the interior is tastefully fancy without being “my tax dollars pay for what?” luxurious.
Broadway & Gough (San Francisco) | Seven Bedrooms/Six Bathrooms | $16,500
For those needing more space for their entourage, we bring you to Broadway, baby. This seven bedroom house is made up of four master suites — we’d hate to see who falls low enough on the President’s list of favorites to warrant one of the three “regular” rooms. It’s over 5,000 square feet of fanciness and tells the world, “Now that DC has earthquakes too, I’ve got no excuse not to live in the most beautiful city on earth.”
95 Telegraph Hill (San Francisco) | Three Bedrooms/Three Bathrooms | $8,000
Changing from DC to SF is easy when you realize we’ve got our own awkawrdly symbolic Washington Monument in Coit Tower. This Telegraph Hill penthouse has a giant deck off the master suite, two fireplaces, and views from almost every room. And don’t worry, we won’t read too much into it.


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