Posted Feb 7, 2012

Top Five Ways to Tell You’re Ready to Live on Your Own

You’ve probably had some great roommates but more likely, you’ve had some serious stinkers as well. I’ve been suckered by crazy cheap rent, and overlooked multiple warning signs. But at the end of the day, something has to go pretty far over the line before you’re ready to brave the wild world of apartment searching yet again.

Top Five Ways to Tell You’re Ready to Live on Your Own:
5. You come home to find peanut butter on the doorknob. You say, “Did anyone notice this peanut butter on the doorknob?” Worse than not noticing, they did notice, and did absolutely nothing about it. Get your tetanus shot and start your search.
4. You start scheduling your television watching around your roommate’s cat’s sleeping time, because anytime you sit on the couch (also known as  ”Mr. Magnificat’s Special Sunshine Spot”), he hisses and claws at you. Rabies shot, then start your search.
3. Your roommate has arranged an intervention for your “hard-partying ways” after you came home after two glasses of wine at book club. Take shot of whisky and start you search.
2. No matter how discreet your romantic encounters, you roommates are intent on giving a 1-10 rating each morning. Everybody take a shot together, invest in earplugs, and start your search.
1. You’re the one leaving peanut butter on the doorknob, harboring a cranky cat, or being judge-y all over the apartment. Take a deep breath and start your search, because you really should be living alone.
What’s driving you to move out of your current situation? Tweet or email us your top I’ve got to say #5 is my very own — I think I started looking that very night.
By: Abby Pontzer


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