Posted Sep 12, 2011

Hello Lovely

Moving into a new apartment is a fresh start and we want to celebrate our upcoming launch with a fresh start of our own. Today we are excited to announce our new name, Lovely


As many of you have come to know while using our product over the past few months, we are working hard to make it easier for you to find the perfect place to live in competitive rental markets, beginning here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The current search experience for an apartment in the city is frustrating, aggravating and just plain annoying. Our product aims to provide an experience that is just the opposite of that. An experience that is, well, lovely.

Our new name reflects our drive to do something truly unique and bold in this space, something that you care about, and something that ultimately makes you feel good about both the process and outcome of your rental search. The positive feedback from our hundreds of users during our closed beta has been truly inspiring and motivating as we work to accomplish this goal. Moving forward, as we open up the service to more renters and organizations across the Bay Area while continuing to improve our product, which many of you have told us just how much you love, we look forward to building a meaningful, lasting brand that we hope you will grow to love just as much.

We have an exciting vision for Lovely and look forward to sharing it with you as we progress along the way. We hope that with our help, you’ll find where you fit and have a lovely time doing it.

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