You Know You’re a Chicagoan When …

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When you’ve lived in Chicago for awhile, you start exhibiting behaviors your friends from other cities might find odd. However, they just don’t get it! The Windy City is a unique spot full of traditions, features and sights that no other city can rival – that’s right, I said it. Whether you’re a Chicago native […]

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Cleaning Wood Floors: A Simple How To

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If your apartment has hardwood floors, you’re in luck! It’s a classic type of flooring that not only looks timeless and sophisticated, but is also fairly easy to care for. Plus, who wants to deal with having to power wash their carpeting to get old stains and Fido’s pet hair out? Nobody. While moving into […]

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Old Hotels, New Micro-Apartments

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Hotel VQ, located in downtown Denver, and the Latham Hotel in Georgetown, Washington, are both being converted into micro-apartments. But what are micro-apartments, you ask? Well, if you thought your studio apartment was small, you should check out these living spaces. Micro-apartments are typically about 300 square feet, which is about half the size of […]

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